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No joke: Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini!

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Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini 15 No joke: Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini!

Photo credit: Lamborghini

Sant'Agata Bolognese, April 22, 2021 - On Earth Day, World Earth Day, Automobili Lamborghini receives the “Green Star Award 2021” and thus secures a place among the most environmentally friendly companies in Italy. The award is given every year by the German Institute for Quality ITQF in cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research IMWF in Hamburg, who use a complex and careful online search to determine which companies have been most committed to green economy strategies, to reduce the industrial impact on the environment and society.

Green Star Award 2021

In addition to this prestigious award, Lamborghini actively participates in the # Project1Hour initiative, which was organized by Volkswagen in a global campaign with more than 660 employees worldwide to reflect on climate change and the consequences of our actions and habits for the planet .

To support this project, Lamborghini is organizing a digital talk for its 1800 employees today with two experts on climate change: Silvia Torresan, doctor of science and climate management at the Università Ca 'Foscari in Venice and co-director of the Risk Analysis and Adaptation Strategies Department (RAAS ) at the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Research); Luca Bracali, photographer, director, researcher and ambassador for “Save the Planet” for life. Today's lecture is part of the various awareness-raising and environmental education initiatives that the company promotes for its employees, such as the internal communication campaigns and the various events at Parco Lamborghini.

constant investment in industry

Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, explains: “The Green Star Award and our contribution to the # Project1hour campaign are further proof of the responsible commitment of our company since 2009, which has led to certification for CO2-neutral companies in 2015 through constant investments in industry, which also after the expansion of the production facility could be maintained in recent years. Today we are in the process of defining a strategy that will soon be announced through an official announcement that will accelerate our commitment to environmental sustainability. We want to provide specific answers about significant innovations in a time of profound change that affects the entire automotive industry. We are convinced that our decisions as a company, but also as individuals, can make all the difference for us and future generations. "

Lamborghini's actions for ecological sustainability

Automobili Lamborghini pursues a special business strategy that is characterized by ethical corporate responsibility. The aim of the company is to create added value by acting responsibly towards the world in which it operates and thus to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society with particular protection of the environment.

Lamborghini's sustainability project started in 2009 and has achieved a number of important goals over the years:

  • 2009: Lamborghini is the first and only Italian company in the automotive sector to receive EMAS environmental certification
  • 2010: EOpening of one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the industrial sector in the Emilia-Romagna on an area of ​​15 m², which means a reduction in CO2-Emissions of 1000 tons per year
  • 2011 Opening of the "Parco Lamborghini" (Lamborghini-Parks), a pioneering environmental protection initiative in cooperation with the municipality of Sant'Agata Bolognese and the universities of Bologna, Bolzano and Munich. 10 oak trees were planted here.
  • 2012: opening of the Building for the development of prototypes and pre-production vehicles. The first multi-storey industrial building in Italy designed according to the criteria of energy efficiency class A.
  • 2015: Construction of the new CHP and district heating systems, two of the company's main projects in Sant'Agata Bolognese, around the Certification “CO2 neutral ”for the entire plant to obtain. The district heating system, which distributes warm air from a biogas-operated CHP system in the plant, enables savings of around 1800 tons of CO2 in the year.
  • 2016 Setting up a beehive for the start of biomonitoring activities with bees in the Parco Lamborghini. In addition to environmental awareness and the monitoring of the level of pollution in the area around the Sant'Agata Bolognese plant, certified Lamborghini honey is also produced and distributed annually to employees.
  • 2017: opening of Tower 1963, an office building that has a record score in terms of Italy Certification according to LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) (92 points), the world's highest standard for energy and environmental certification in construction.
  • 2018: With the expansion of the production site of Sant'Agata Bolognese (from 80 to 000 m²) after the start of the Urus model project, the entire plant has the certification “CO2 neutral "from 2015 thanks to constant commitment in terms of ecological sustainability.
  • 2019: establishment of a new Urus paint shopwhich enabled a considerable reduction in space requirements of 30% compared to comparable paint shops. 95% of the colors used are water-based and by means of E-Cube technology, with which the overspray can be captured during the painting process, the water consumption for the air filtering is reduced to zero.
  • Since 2019 that is Company restaurant plastic-free.
  • 2020: Efficient resource management, power supply from renewable sources, protection of biodiversity and recycling: these are just a few goals that could be achieved in 2020 and aim to provide an answer to the new global challenges for a more sustainable future. In addition, a new “Sustainability Task Force” is being set up, a cross-departmental working group with the aim of promoting the exchange of ideas for continuous improvement. After all, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Lamborghini did not turn its attention to environmental and sustainability issues and distributed washable masks to all employees, which make it possible to significantly reduce the waste generated by their use and thus to be more environmentally friendly.

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Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Huracan STO EVO Fluo Capsule Urus 8 310x165 No joke: Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini!

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2021 Ares Design Panther ProgettoUno Lamborghini Huracan 14 310x165 No joke: Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini!

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Lamborghini Miura SV 15 310x165 No kidding: Green Star Award 2021 goes to Lamborghini!

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