Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 on Mercedes G500 4 × 4² base

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Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 7

Can you still remember the Gruma Hunter based on the Mercedes X-Class (W470) from the Mercedes dealership and tuner GRUMA Automobile GmbH remember from chub? With the X, the team impressively demonstrated how to transform the Mercedes pickup into a “real” off-roader and, especially as a hunter, you should get your money's worth with it. And now comes the next floor, which suddenly puts the X-Class in the shade. It is probably the most violent vehicle that has ever been put on wheels under the name Gruma Exklusiv. The LAPV (Light Armored Patrol Vehicle) ENOK P1 which is also used in end time films like Mad Max - Fury Road would be in good hands. He is namely a protected patrol vehicle with a noble cabin that can carry five other people in addition to the driver and a Panzerstahl passenger compartment brings with them, for example, antitank mines or assault rifle ammunition.

the Mercedes G500 4 × 4² is the basis

Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 6

But in contrast to the military vehicle that brings armed combatants to the place of use, the Gruma ENOK P1 is fitted with a sophisticated interior that includes every imaginable Mercedes luxury. The monster is at the same time also the first vehicle that without Mercedes-Benz star is delivered by Gruma. The ENOK P1 proudly carries the Gruma label in the radiator grille. The P1 is a cooperation with the special manufactory ACS (Armored Car Systems), which build vehicles for years considering individual customer requirements with armor. ACS has protection solutions for civilian, police and even military use in the field. Known vehicles are the military vehicle ENOK 6.2 or the ENOK 7.x with cargo area and Jean Pierre Kraemer JP Performance ACS even paid a visit at the beginning of the year (Video at the bottom). And the ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH from Derching is by the way a subsidiary of Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH which makes the cooperation all the more logical.

with 4,0 liter biturbo V8 and 422 PS

Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 8

Gruma has given the ENOK the addition P1 and the basis for the conversion is the limited 4 × 4² special edition of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 with powerful portal axles at the front and rear. As is well known, there is no small 3-liter diesel under the hood, as is often the case in the normal G, but the 422 hp 4,0-liter twin-turbo V8 with the factory-fitted 18-inch beadlock off-road wheels (every G500 4 × 4² also receives a set of 22 inches for the road ex works) sometimes climbed one or the other boulder. The P1 is also available on 18 inches, but these are special "armored rims" with BF Goodrich off-road rubbers in the format 37X12,50R18. In addition, the whole box is a good 20 centimeters wider than a normal G500 4 × 4² and a loading area with a complete spare wheel is also included. If we receive timely information on further changes not mentioned so far, there will of course be an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 5

(Photos: Gruma exclusive / ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH)

Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 10

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Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 on Mercedes G500 4 × 4² base

Gruma Exclusive ENOK P1 Mercedes G500 4 × 4² Tuning 13

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