GSC with tuning on the electric BMW I8

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Otherwise, only tuned variants such as a CLS 63 AMG or Porsche Panamera or BMW M5 come from German Special Customs. However, the Saxon company is now taking on the BMW I8, and at least on paper the I8 from GSC is very chic.

BMW i8 Stromer tuning GSC 2 GSC with tuning on the electric BMW I8(Photos: German Special Customs)
Since only 341 copies have made it into the order books of BMW worldwide so far, it is of course still a long way until the first come up with the idea of ​​tuning this model. But if the worst comes to the worst, GSC already has something in the drawer. The “iTRON” project. But what do you change on the gullwing from Bavaria? GSC sees a lot of potential in the body and is designing a new front bumper and a new bonnet. The rear has also been changed, but if you know that there is actually no exhaust, you might find the dummies that are now attached there rather questionable.

BMW i8 Stromer tuning GSC 1 GSC with tuning on the electric BMW I8

Also, the tires should be changed according to GSC and replaced the original complete wheels with new ones. However, to the more accurate data of the new wheels is still not known to date.


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