Saturday 31th July 2021

Hennessey performance

Hennessey Performance isn't just a category company Fahrzeugtuning, but also a small-batch automaker. Hennessey Performance is based in Sealy, Texas. The company was founded by John Hennessey and initially impressed with impressively tuned vehicles based on the Mitsubishi 3000 GT and later the Dodge Viper. Hennessey has even had its own racetrack on Interstate 10 for several years and moved there from Houston. The core offer from Hennessey is still the tuning by means of significant additional power with turbocharger, compressor and everything that goes with it. You tune a wide variety of automobiles, regardless of whether they are mid-range sedans, off-road vehicles or thoroughbred super sports cars. Own vehicles are so far (as of 2020) the Hennessey Venom GT based on the Lotus Elise and the completely in-house developed Hennessey Venom F5.