Lobster is awesome! The fans of the US off-road vehicle manufacturer agree on that. The brand that too General Motors is known, especially for its beefy and oversized and not least also environmentally harmful vehicles. Hummer built only three models: the H1, the H2 and the H3. Originally developed and built for the American military, Hummer soon also produced vehicles for civilian use. In Germany, however, these cars are a rarity. Even in the tuning range, the lobster is not very common. Nevertheless, there are some models that the auto Tuning have expired. Not least due to the no longer up-to-date fuel consumption and the huge CO2 emissions, however, has been over for some time: In the spring 2010 the last copies of the Hummers were produced. Various acquisitions have since failed. General Motors does not want to sell the licenses anymore. The story of the lobster is over.