Video: David vs. Goliath - Suzuki Jimny vs. Hummer H1

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David Vs Goliath Suzuki Jimny Vs Hummer H1 2

A race between the mighty Hummer H1 against the little Suzuki Jimny can probably be seen as an automobile equivalent of David against Goliath. If you make an effort, the Jimny would fit into the rear of the H1. But he is a real off-roader with a rigid body, decent gearbox, short overhangs and, of course, all-wheel drive. But he's actually not at home on an empty airfield that serves as a battlefield for a series of tests. The H1, however, is not. Carwow does some tests such as a classic drag race. The H1 competes against the small 6,5 ton Jimny with the brutal 8 liter turbo diesel V197 with 583 HP and 3,6 Nm torque including four-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and a massive 1,1 ton unladen weight. This has a tiny 1,5 liter naturally aspirated engine with 101 hp and 130 Nm, AWD and a five-speed manual transmission. Test number 2 is a rolling start in third gear and a brake test from 80 km / h is also part of it.


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