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EAVC mini electric vehicle for Hyundai hospital!

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Hyundai EAVC Mini Scooter 4 EAVC Mini Scooter for the Hyundai Hospital!

With the Mini-EV, the Hyundai Motor Company presents a purely electric vehicle for toddlers. The children's electric car takes up the design of the Hyundai concept vehicle presented at the IAA in 2019 and was designed by the same development team. As part of the “Little Big e-Motion” project, the small electric car supports young patients in the SJD children's hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Hyundai EAVC mini electric vehicle

Hyundai EAVC Mini Scooter 3 EAVC Mini Scooter for the Hyundai Hospital!

The mini-vehicle, which was given to the Catalan hospital as part of a donation, is used to transport the children from the hospital bed to the treatment room as comfortably as possible - a route that young patients often find uncomfortable. In a video of several minutes that can be seen on Hyundai's YouTube channel, the Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology of the mini electric car, which makes use of artificial intelligence, is shown in action for the first time. The video accompanies a young patient in the children's hospital and shows how the Mini-EV gives her courage on the way to treatment and ensures that the child can cope better with the emotional stress situation.

EAVC technology monitors heart and respiratory rates

EAVC technology monitors the heart and breathing rates of the person in the vehicle and analyzes their facial expressions. At the same time, various vehicle data such as speed, acceleration, ambient noise and vibrations are measured. This collected data is used with the help of machine learning to control the vehicle environment and vehicle functions such as lighting, air conditioning, music and the built-in fragrance dispenser.

"With our technologies, we want to help improve people's lives in various areas. We hope that the EAVC technology and the mini electric car will put a smile on the face of the young patients and offer an entertaining mobility experience to support them on their way to recovery. " Jinmo Lee: Senior Research Engineer at Hyundai Motor and head of the project

The Mini-EV equipped with EAVC interacts with its young “drivers” through five key technologies: a face recognition system, a breathing training belt, a sensor for monitoring the heart rate, an adaptive light technology based on emotions and a scent dispenser. The facial recognition system uses a camera to recognize the child's emotions in real time. The breathing training belt is placed around the body. Its air pockets exert a gentle pressure, which is supposed to help you breathe more evenly. The accelerometer and heart rate monitor monitor the heart and breathing rates.

Hyundai EAVC Mini Scooter 2 EAVC Mini Scooter for the Hyundai Hospital!

The adaptive light technology shows the child's emotional state in green, yellow or red. The scent dispenser sprays scents that are linked to the breathing rate. If the patient's state of mind improves, the mini electric car automatically generates soap bubbles. This makes the work of the medical hospital staff easier, as they can recognize the emotional state of the young patients even without personal interaction - a particularly useful innovation in times of Corona. Hyundai Motor intends to further develop its EAVC technology and use it in future mobility solutions to improve customer safety and well-being.

Hyundai EAVC Mini Scooter 1 EAVC Mini Scooter for the Hyundai Hospital!

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EAVC mini electric vehicle for the hospital!

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