Heaven and Hell - BMW 3 Series Li (G28) with extreme change!

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Tuning BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung 7 Heaven and Hell BMW 3er Li (G28) with extreme change!

For decades it has been the ultimate when it comes to a sporty mid-range sedan and a sought-after automobile worldwide. The BMW 3er. Regardless of whether with a normal wheelbase or one that is not available in this country long version On behalf of 3 Li. The three defines the image of the BMW brand like no other model. However, the reputation of the sports limousine from Bavaria suffered tremendously due to the many craft shops and car posers. But more and more tastefully refined Copies, as well as autoposers, which too other brands migrate, show that the reputation of the 3ers steadily improves. Today we're introducing you to a three-way BMW long version before which actually one 2-in-1 automobile is because he has two characters, more precisely possessed.

End time BMW for the day after!

Tuning BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung 1 Heaven and Hell BMW 3er Li (G28) with extreme change!

You can certainly still contact the "Chernobyl" -McLaren remember that we presented to you some time ago. A similar foiling owns this BMW im End times lookthat with her Patina look and the warning label on the side causes a stir. The rear spoiler im Carbon look as well as the matching one diffuser and the Sports exhaust system with four tailpipesthat in classic 2 + 2 look arranged, embodies a sporty character for the day after. Also the front with the black kidneys and the dark tinted headlights looks like something out of an end-of-time thriller from Hollywood. The rims are probably from the BBS shelf and are 19 inches. They also go very well with the sedan's gloomy look.

This BMW can also be very different!

But suddenly the disaster slide was peeled off and the same model suddenly appears as pink Barbie mobilethat looks like it's parked in the garage of the dream home of the world's most famous doll. Completely in pink foiled, but with the same athletic Attachments blessed, the BMW transforms from Hell mobile with end time slide to the pink Sky striker, which probably brings tears of joy to the eyes of all young women in the world who are enthusiastic about cars, and which only makes men who are enthusiastic about cars shake their heads. Above all, the coordinated ones pink calipers von ToxPro Performance drive many a male car fan crazy. You can be so crazy with one Foil change change the character of an automobile. The project is probably unique so far and shows once again what unlimited possibilities there are currently in the Chinese tuning scene.

A four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine works under the hood.

Unfortunately we do not know which engine type exactly is under the hood of the BMW, but it's for the Chinese long version exclusively four-cylinder gasoline engine available. The power transmission also takes place via a automatic transmission. Regardless of whether you prefer the first or the second version, the long version of the three-seater BMW is also for yours dynamic qualities known, and with the Chiptuning, which is installed in this example, the longitudinal dynamics are not neglected either.

BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung 2 Heaven and Hell BMW 3er Li (G28) with extreme change!

Our conclusion on this BMW:

This threesome is probably the Janus head among the tuning vehicles, as it is only in one martial foiling that was what seemed made for the day after. But for the new season, the character of the car had to be changed so that one pink playmobile was created, which is made for Barbie and Ken. You can of course admire all photos of the unusual tuning project in a picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung 37 Heaven and Hell BMW 3er Li (G28) with extreme change!

Photo / s: club.autohome.com.cn

BMW 3er Li (G28) with extreme change:

  • BATEC exhaust with valve control
  • DDP chip tuning
  • M8 Style front bumper
  • AIRspeed air intake kit
  • AX porcelain blue foil
  • TAKD spoiler apron and rear wing
  • TAKD carbon interior parts
  • Forged wheels in 18 inches + wheel bolts
  • TOXPRO intercooler
  • TOXPRO + ENDLESS braking system
  • TOXPRO shock absorber
  • ALCANTARA steering wheel
  • BAUER sound kit
  • TOXPRO stabilizers
  • TOXPRO switch paddles

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Heaven and Hell - BMW 3 Series Li (G28) with extreme change!

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