The yellow samurai - Honda Civic sedan with extreme tuning!

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Honda Civic Sedan Hellaflush Airride Tuning 2 The yellow Samurai Honda Civic Sedan with extreme tuning!

In the Far East, the Honda Civic is something like the VW Golf in Europe, as it is the most common car on the tuning scene. No matter what generation it is, the Civic is sometimes more and sometimes less extensively tuned by its fans. But the sporty Japanese are also finding more and more fans in Europe who want to give their sweetheart an individual touch, which often goes completely wrong. Unfortunately, the term "Rice“Already naturalized in the scene, which describes absolutely bad tuning on Japanese cars. The Honda Civic has become one of the most frequent victims of the so-called "Rice-Tuning", whereby its image has not suffered as much damage as that of an Opel Calibra, for example, which can almost only be found in a totally tinkered condition. The Honda Civic, which we are now introducing to you, is doing its rounds in the Far East, and is an absolute piece of cake when it comes to refining the Civic of the current generation, at least that's how we see it!

Yellow eye-catcher with a bold look.

Honda Civic Sedan Hellaflush Airride Tuning 1 The yellow Samurai Honda Civic Sedan with extreme tuning!

Even the sunflower yellow paint from the color specialist Spies Hecker, which immediately catches the eye, makes it clear that the Civic is an absolute show car. With its multi-part drop center rims in the five-spoke design of the company Work Wheels, which listen to the model name Equip 05 and come in 18-inch format, it is extremely sporty. The negative camber of the rear wheels is of course part of the JDM scene like soy sauce with sushi and illustrates the sporting ambitions of this car. To tear the ground open as an asphalt planer, an air suspension from Airmext was installed, which in extreme cases allows the Civic to cower just millimeters above the ground. The drawn wheel arches seem almost self-evident, too Hellaflush called to further refine the look. At the rear, a cool bump spoiler was installed, which is becoming increasingly popular in the Far East, as well as a four-pipe exhaust system to suggest more power and sportiness to the person behind than is actually in the car. Nevertheless, the tuning, which also includes a six-piston high-performance braking system from AP Racing with a brake disc diameter of 355 millimeters, was very successful and carried out very professionally. So you could be seen at every tuning meeting, and certainly win one or two trophies.

Nothing has been changed in terms of drive technology.

Honda Civic Sedan Hellaflush Airride Tuning 9 The yellow Samurai Honda Civic Sedan with extreme tuning!

The Honda Civic is powered by a 1,5-liter turbo gasoline engine with four cylinders, which delivers 177 hp and 226 Newton meters of maximum torque or 220 Newton meters with the optionally available automatic CVT. This does not make the Civic a wild animal on the freeway, but it is easy to swim with in traffic. You don't want to race with a part like that, otherwise you can't be seen and admired by other road users. Should you ever be in a hurry, the Civic can still manage 200 km / h, which would immediately result in the loss of your driving license in the Far East, as there are strict speed limits.

Our conclusion on the Honda Civic!

If you also dream of such a Honda Civic, you can choose a comparable base vehicle in the relevant automobile portals for around 10.000 euros, which you can then tune to your very own piece of jewelry. However, if you are only interested in this copy, we recommend our picture gallery at the end of the text. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Honda Civic sedan with extreme tuning.

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