2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar by the Japanese tuner HKS

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2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar Tuning HKS Goodwood 6

After the Japanese team of HKS Co. Ltd. in spring as one of the first tuners ever extremely rebuilt 2019 Toyota Supra A90 with 2JZ engine & widebody kit for Taito Saito (official drift driver of Monster Energy) built shows now another vehicle. This will make its debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2019 (4.-7.7.2019) and is already on show there. Again, this is a professional drift vehicle (for Nobuteru Taniguchi) and this time too, the BMW engine is thrown out and the legendary 2JZ-GTE six-cylinder is installed. After an increase in displacement from 3 liters to 3,4 liters, the installation of GTIII-4R bi-turbochargers and many other changes, it delivers a hefty 690 PS & 840 NM torque and enables the sprint to 100 km / h in under 3,5 Seconds. And this copy also comes with a design that is inspired by racing and, in our opinion, clearly resembles the Supra GT4 Concept racing car remembers.

690 PS 2JZ Power in the GR Supra Driftcar

2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar Tuning HKS Goodwood 4

There was an extensive one Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto Carbon widebody kit with huge widened front and rear wheel arches, huge front apron with splinters, huge side skirts, rugged bonnet and a powerful rear diffuser. The absolute highlight, however, is in any case the insanely large carbon rear wing which is screwed directly through the rear apron and the top edge of which results in a line with the roof. In addition, there was a shrill HKS livery in red, purple, black and green, together with companies involved and, of course, a completely new suspension. It is fitted with an adjustable Hipermax SPL sports suspension, which in combination with white painted Advan Motorsport alloy wheels in 19 and 20 inches and slicks, makes contact with the road surface. And especially for the application as a drift vehicle, the camber values ​​of the wheel-tire combination are chosen very aggressively. And even in the cabin, this Supra has nothing to do with the series anymore. Everything that causes weight flew out and installed is only the most important motorsport equipment for drifting.

only the most necessary in the Supra cabin

2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar Tuning HKS Goodwood 2

We would like to mention the BRIDE bucket seat with six-point belt, the bolted and welded roll cage, the simple sports steering wheel and of course the hydraulic handbrake. In addition, safety-related things like a fire extinguisher or the emergency stop button in the center console. The digital central display, the ultra-light carbon in the cabin or even the completely missing carpets show that this vehicle is not intended for the road and you there too with approval will never be on the road. With high probability HKS will offer in the future less radically rebuilt Toyota Supra with 2JZ GTE engine and thus fulfill tuning dreams. If we receive timely information about further changes to the Supra of HKS, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if yours is just ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: HKS Co. Ltd.)

the most important details summarized:

  • Debut to the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2019
  • Tuning by HKS
  • Vehicle with 2JZ GTE engine
    - enlarged to 3,4 liters
    - GTIII-4R-Bi-Turbocharger from HKS
    - 690 PS & 840 NM torque
  • Racing Inspired Design (Pandem Widebody)
    - similar to the Supra GT4 Concept racing car
    - wider wheel arches
    - ventilated carbon fenders
    - large side skirts
    - Carbon rear wing
    - diffuser
    - new front apron with splitter
    - Ventilation slots in the bonnet
  • HKS paint (red, purple, black, green)
  • Angled front wheels for drift operation
  • white Advan Motorsport alloy wheels (19 inch front and 20 inch rear)
  • Hipermax SPL suspension
  • Race-spec interior
    - new instrument cluster
    - no infotainment
    - Racing seats with six-point belt
    - roll cage
    - carbon fiber elements
    - Sports steering wheel
    - Drift-specific handbrake
    - bare metal floors
    - Various inserts made of carbon on the dashboard and the door panels
    - fire extinguishers
  • 0-100 km / h in about 3,5 seconds

2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar Tuning HKS Goodwood 1

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2JZ Toyota GR Supra Driftcar by HKS

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