Honda Avancier 370 Turbo with Widebody & Airride!

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Honda Avancier 370Turbo HiCarworks widebody kit Airride 1

Deep SUVs are a special automotive species and not to everyone's taste. Also, many tuning fans don't see the point behind buying an SUV slam and push it close to the asphalt. After all, it is the increased ground clearance that gives a crossover so many advantages over a conventional car. But nowadays sporty SUVs are often lowered to underline their dynamic claim. And so this time we've tracked down an ultra-low Honda SUV for you that goes by the model name Advanced 370 Turbo hear and cause astonished looks in traffic. We would like to introduce you to the vehicle that is doing its rounds in China and has been professionally converted by a tuning company.

Design like in the science fiction movie!

Yes, you haven't looked at each other! This Honda Avancier looks more like a rolling combat drone than a crossover, and a Lamborghini Urus looks like a wolf in sheep's clothing by comparison. The HiCarworks restyling kit, not just about dramatic looking ones fender flares features, but also with a bold Front spoiler, mighty side skirts, lateral Trim made of carbon, one rear diffuser as well as an exaggerated one Ducktail spoiler below the rear window captivates every road user and passer-by.

It doesn't matter whether you love or hate such an extreme conversion, you can hardly escape the vehicle on closer inspection. But what would such a thing be like? Restyling kit without a Airride chassis? Probably not even half as effective, which is why the Japanese crossover is also a new one landing gear from the Chinese airride specialist SCC Air got that not only with vibration damping sensor, but also with a comfortable Airlift 3H control comes, which makes it possible to set the ride height and other parameters conveniently from the cockpit and also to adjust them while driving. In addition, there were others Rims raised on the brutal SUV, which further enhance the martial effect. The choice fell on extremes Drop center rims in the BBS honeycomb design, which are equipped with a gloss black finish and have a gloss chrome rim bed that causes a stir.

Honda Avancier 370Turbo HiCarworks widebody kit Airride 5

Unfortunately, we are not sure whether the wheels are real BBS rims or not. In addition, even smaller details have been adapted to the new design line, such as the roof rails, which is now completely black, like the Honda emblems front and back. In this attire, the Avancier puts most SUVs to shame when it comes to road presence and commanding demeanor.

A 2-liter VTEC turbo petrol engine powers the SUV!

No, there is neither a warp drive nor a jet turbine that provides propulsion. Instead, it's a two-liter turbocharged petrol engine. The aggregate performs 272 PS and 370 Newtonmeter maximum torque, and the crouched-looking SUV in the ninja design is well fed and is not only suitable as a boulevard cruiser, but also for fast motorway stages. The power is transmitted via a Eight-speed automatic, and either front or all-wheel drive is available.

Honda Avancier 370Turbo HiCarworks widebody kit Airride 13

Our verdict on this Honda Advanced:

Next to this Honda Avancier even fades a Urus by Mansory! You have to get the crass mix out JDM Style, CDM style and do not really like end-time tuning, but we think it's great, even if no one really needs it! As always, we have included a photo gallery at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Honda Avancier 370Turbo HiCarworks widebody kit Airride 2

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Honda Avancier 370Turbo with HiCarworks widebody kit and Airride!
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