ARTA Mechanics "Legavelo" - Honda NSX with premium body kit!

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ARTA Mechanics Legavelo Honda NSX Carbon Bodykit Tuning 10

A Honda NSX, called Acura NSX in America, of the current generation is one of the rarities on the road. Even in the JDM-affine USA, where Japanese automobiles are celebrating great success, only 2021 examples of the mid-engine super sports car with hybrid drive were registered in 186. In Germany there are even only a handful, and seeing one in the wild is a huge coincidence. But that keeps the Japanese tuner ARTA Mechanics does not refrain from developing highly exclusive tuning parts for the model, some of which are even cost more, as the almost 200.000 euro base vehicle! Yes, you read that correctly, you can actually upgrade the exotic with tuning so that it crosses the threshold of exceeds 400.000 euros. I agree five pieces become from the "Legavelo' called Super-NSX, which was penned by ARTA Mechanics, and we are now presenting a copy of it to you.

Carbon body kit for 25,3 million yen!

At first glance like the complete Carbon restyling kit, which, in contrast to the styling kit from TopCar, which am Porsche 992 Turbo S was seen, not colored, looking a bit Batmobile. But the whole Kit is intended to bring the Honda NSX even closer to a GT3 racer, both visually and in terms of driving dynamics. The kit has new bumper front and rear, new fender, a revised front sectionNew side skirts, a modified Rear, one Carbon rear spoiler, carbon roof, a redesigned B-pillar and a remodeled one Fuel filler flap.

Of course the set exists made of 100% carbon, which also determines the price. The aforementioned 25,3 million yen is the equivalent of about 215.000 Euros! Mind you you have this sum just shell out for the body kit. The project vehicle is not included in the price! Tuner ARTA Mechanics promises a massive weight reduction for the overweight hybrid super athlete, but we don't have any precise information on this yet. To the Restyling kit carbon ones are joined by forged ones Rims with a black finish, which finally make the vehicle look like a stealth bomber, and one Pagani style exhaust system with stacked tailpipes.

The carbon fiber flood continues in the interior!

Of course, a restyling kit at this price cannot leave the cockpit untouched! One Leather/Alcantara combination envelops the sports seats with integrated headrests and also on dashboard and in the center console carbon fibers were introduced.

A 3,5-liter hybrid V6 drives the exotic car!

The Honda is powered by one Gasoline/Electric Hybrid powered by six cylinders. Two electric motors and a petrol engine together generate a full system performance 581 PS and gigantic 645 Newton meters maximum torque. The power is transmitted via a automatic transmission on all four wheels. To the driving performance of the five pieces limited special series Unfortunately, we don't know anything, but the production version already offers enough power in all situations and reaches a top speed of over 300 km/h.

Our conclusion on the exclusive series of the Honda NSX:

It's just amazing how ARTA Mechanics manages to top the already insanely expensive TopCar carbon body kit, which is installed on the 992 Turbo S mentioned at the beginning! It seems as if a battle is brewing for the most expensive body kit in the world! You can of course see a picture gallery of the exclusive Honda at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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ARTA Mechanics "Legavelo" - Outrageously expensive Honda NSX with carbon body kit!
Photo credit: ARTA

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