Hudson Wasp Coupé as Restomod with Viper engine!

Restomod Hudson Wasp Coupe Viper Engine 3

After almost 30.000 reports on tuningblog, the brand's first vehicle is actually coming today Hudson. Specifically, it's a 1951 Hudson Wasp coupe powered by a naturally aspirated 8,3-liter V10 from a 2004 Dodge Viper. For those who only know the Hudson from the well-known Disney Pixar film "Cars“ know, the Wasp was one of the last flagships of the brand, before one of the American Motors Corporation (AMC) was acquired. At a time when American XXL sedans didn't necessarily have a V8 under the hood, the largest engine you could find in the Hudson Wasp was a 262-cubic-inch (4,3-liter) straight-six. This was later expanded to 308 cubic inches (5,0 liters) and used in the Hudson Hornet NASCAR Cup Car, which served as the template for "Doc Hudson". Cars served. But the performance of an old Hudson six-cylinder is limited. Not so with the 8.300cc ten-cylinder Kenny's Rod Shop in Boise, Idaho under the hood of this 1951 Wasp squeezed.

Hudson Wasp coupe

After removing pretty much all the nuts and bolts of the old classic down to the body and chassis and restored, the tuner painstakingly reassembled everything, using the Viper-V10 as the basis for the Restomod modifications served. There was also a Lokar six-speed manual transmission to transfer the minimum of 500 hp reasonably effectively to the rear wheels. There was also a completely new suspension to ensure that the Restomod does not fly apart in the curve. A custom four-link suspension was installed with RideTech Shockwave air shocks in place of the rear ones Leaf springs and the rear axle is equipped with the well-known Ford 9-inch unit with a transmission ratio of 3,89:1. In combination with 13 inch (approx. 33 cm) large WilwoodSports brakes and fat high-performance summer tires, the custom restomod drives more like a modern sports car than an old classic.

the cabin was also massively rebuilt

KSR frame, Fox coilovers at the front, RideTech Shockwave air shock absorbers and 4-link axle at the rear, Wilwood 13-inch disc brake system, trim strips and door hinges removed, subtly reshaped body parts, additional lights in the custom front apron, modified headlight rings, '37 Ford taillights, Black paint by Shawn McNally of Regenerated Rides & Cerakote Bronze ceramic coating on grille/bumpers/engine components/Schott rims, 2004 Dodge Viper V10 engine with Hogan aluminum intake, large throttle body, KRS exhaust system, brown leather and gray Alcantara interior by Interior Revolutions, Rear Seat Removed, Vintage Look Storage Compartments, '55 Hudson Gauge with Classic Instruments Gauges, Corvette Steering Column, Corvette Steering Wheel, Kenwood Audio System, GPS, Restomod Air A/C, etc.

Aside from sheer performance, the Hudson's interior and exterior features are to die for. The cabin features brown leather seats from a last-generation Chrysler 300, there are custom aluminum gauges for the instrument cluster, and the rest of the cabin is outfitted with tons of leather, shiny metal, and tasteful black-on-copper contrast hardware.

And the black-on-copper theme is repeated on the outside as well. Anyone who is interested can bid on the unique car at the upcoming Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction Scottsdale 2023. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Hudson Wasp Coupé as Restomod with Viper engine!
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