100.000K upgrade: this crazy Hummer H1 is unique!

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Canepa Predator Performance Hummer H1 Restomod Tuning 3 100.000K Upgrade: this crazy Hummer H1 is unique!

Anyone who thinks that a standard Hummer H1 is already extremely cool and the ultimate off-roader at all is greatly mistaken. Because this project from Canepa and Predator Performance based on a Hummer H1 Alpha is simply better than new. The 2006 model year received a 1-liter Duramax turbodiesel V6,6 from GM with the H8 Alpha variant and a 5-speed Allison 1000 transmission. Compared to its predecessor, the large diesel V8 meant a 46% increase in performance and a hefty 700 NM torque was already from 1500 rpm. at. And that with a factory engine. And the alpha upgrade also brought a lot of mechanical upgrades. Whether steering gear, axle differentials or exhaust system, everything was completely redeveloped.

Hummer H1 unique item

But that was apparently not enough for the two tuners. Because the H1 has been completely rebuilt. Among other things, a D-ring high-performance impact protection, there were massive new ones Bumpers front and rear, modern LED lights and a LED light bar, a WARN winch, striking Cepek alloy wheels in military style with screw ring and as a highlight a mighty one M / T Toyo off-road wheelset with tire pressure monitoring system (Central Tire Inflation System).

Equipped in this way, the Custom-H1 seems to be the ideal vehicle for search and rescue missions. With ladder, massive Roof rack, Heavy load carrier on the roof all together LED light strip and various Search and rescue equipment the next expedition should be secured. And that also applies to the engine technology. Because with Predator performance parts like a new one exhaust system, a more modern one injection and a Chiptuning the engine generates all at once 360 PS and more powerful 870 Nm torque.

the cabin is also completely custom

And the monster is even controlled with a cool one MOMO sports steering wheel. But that is by no means the only change in the cabin. Because the interior has changed no less extensively than the exterior. Here, however, there are more subtle details such as a Alcantara headliner, a new Leather seats to handcrafted rubber floor matsthat make the difference to the series. The bitter black painted specimen with tuning measures worth more than 100.000 US Dollars was recently removed from the Canepa website and unfortunately now appears to be sold. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Canepa Predator Performance Hummer H1 Restomod Tuning 17 100.000K Upgrade: this crazy Hummer H1 is unique!

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100.000K upgrade: this Hummer H1 is unique!
Image credit: Canepa

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