Get higher: buy a higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

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2003 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 5 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

Can it be a little more violent? Then this huge Hummer H2 from 2003 is just the thing! Built by Aim Industries, this bespoke H2 is a real one Monster Truck. It is currently being auctioned on Ebay under item number 193738443506. And it was even featured on the cover of September 2004 Truckin Magazine pictured. Then he already had the crazy body painting from L&G Enterprises and the insane 18 inch (approx. 46 cm) lift kit for lifting. The components have been powder-coated in yellow and equipped with 20 inch Weld Racing Dagger 8 rims including crazy 49.5x21x20 IROK tires. By the way, the seller calls the H2 "the baddest H2 ever built".

2003 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 1 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

Other noteworthy details are:

  • DefenderWorx billet aluminum components exterior and interior
  • Fold-out 7 inch screen in the dashboard
  • Rear seats with TV
  • chromed rear underrun protection plate
  • yellow / black interior by Classic Soft Trim L&G Industries
  • Lemon yellow accents on the dashboard
  • six 10-inch Bazooka RX-T2 subwoofers
  • an amp rack
  • Stainless steel exhaust system from B&B Performance Exhaust

Current bid: $ 55,200.00

2003 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 3 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

But do the modifications make the H2 beautiful? Not really! We know of course that "Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder". However, we have examined the vehicle extensively and have come to the conclusion that it definitely belongs in our tuning fail category because WE do not consider it beautiful. What is your opinion about this? Beautiful or not so beautiful? Please leave a comment here!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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