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Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

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Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 12 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

Hyundai Motor unveils the new, face-lifted Hyundai i30 N. In addition to the even more emotional and sporty design, the new i30 N has many technological innovations that further enhance the everyday driving experience on the road and on the racetrack. These include the eight-speed dual clutch transmission (N DCT) and new, advanced driver assistance and safety systems. With the i30 N, Hyundai launched its first high-performance series vehicle on the market in 2017. Since then it has received a number of awards, including the “Sport Auto Award” 2019 in the category of compact cars up to 35.000 euros in the import ranking. In addition, the i30 N was chosen as the import winner in the “Small Cars & Compact” category in the “Sportscars of the Year 2018” poll.

wide cascade grill decorates the front

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 5 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

"With more than 17.500 vehicles sold to date, the Hyundai i30 N is a unique success story in Germany. The high-performance model has made a significant contribution to emotionalising the Hyundai brand - even its own fan base, the N-Thusiasten, has emerged. We are convinced that the new i30 N with its extensive innovations will continue this exciting chapter“, Says Jürgen Keller, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Germany. Revised exterior design with an emphasis on performance and dynamics
The exterior of the new i30 N has been redesigned so that the high-performance model is even more fun to drive. The wide cascade grille, which bears the Hyundai logo as well as the N emblem, has been optimized for even more efficient engine cooling. The N logo can now also be found on the rim caps.

new LED headlights in the facelift

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 3 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

The new LED headlights with V-shaped daytime running lights support this sporty look. The integrated air inlets on the sides reduce turbulence in the wheel arches. The new Hyundai i30 N five-door has a modified rear design. The large roof spoiler with integrated, triangular brake light in a striking N look ensures downforce. The revised LED taillights have a new light signature. Two large tailpipes of the exhaust system integrated into the diffuser round off the external appearance of the high-performance vehicle. The new i30 N is available in seven exterior colors, including Performance Blue, which is available exclusively for Hyundai N models. The colors Polar White, Engine Red, Sunset Red, Shadow Gray, Dark Knight and Phantom Black are also available. The face-lifted i30 N comes with newly developed 19-inch forged wheels as standard. The five-twin-spoke wheels offer high strength and reduce the unsprung weight of the chassis. Its dark gray, satin finish, which contrasts with the N specific red brake calipers with the N logo, also underlines the racing character of the vehicle. The high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires are also installed ex works.

Sporty interior for maximum driving pleasure

Like the exterior, the interior of the new Hyundai i30 N is also designed to provide the driver with maximum driving pleasure. The analog central display includes functions such as the limit range of the rev counter, which is shown with the aid of LEDs, which varies depending on the engine oil temperature, and the LED gearshift indicator, which provides information about the ideal time to change gear for sporty reasons. Hyundai delivers the new i30 N with a heated steering wheel and heated front seats as standard. Both body variants of the new Hyundai i30 N have sporty pedals in aluminum look and color-contrasting seams in Performance Blue. Seat belts with accents in Performance Blue are available for the first time. The interior is in monochrome black with seats made of full leather or a combination of synthetic suede and leather.

Improved driving experience thanks to the new N sport seats

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 1 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

In addition to the forged 19-inch alloy wheels, the new optional N sport seats also reduce vehicle weight. These uniquely designed monoform sports seats are 2,2 kg lighter than the standard seats. In addition, the padding offers excellent lateral support. The N sport seats are covered with high-quality leather and Alcantara materials and also have color-contrasting seams in Performance Blue. On the other hand, the illuminated N logo on the integrated headrests is unique.

Optimized drive for a more motorsport feeling

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 10 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

With 30 kW (206 PS) and 280 Nm of torque, the new Hyundai i392 N offers more power than its predecessor. With its harmonious power development, the engine ensures optimized response behavior and improved acceleration. With more torque and power at lower engine speeds, the driver can better exploit its potential in everyday driving situations. The new i30 N maintains its maximum torque between 1.950 and 4.600 rpm and reaches its maximum output at 5.200 rpm. The maximum speed is 250 km / h. The facelift accelerates from 5,9 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds, 0,2 seconds faster than its predecessor. For the first time, customers can choose between the six-speed manual gearbox and the newly developed eight-speed dual clutch transmission N DCT.

Special N DCT for a plus in driving pleasure

The new eight-speed dual clutch transmission N DCT increases driving pleasure with the Hyundai i30 N. The N DCT is a wet clutch in which oil is used to cool the clutch components. This creates less friction. At the same time, the transmission can transmit a higher torque. This transmission variant combines the sporty driving experience of a conventional manual transmission with the comfort of an automatic transmission. The driver can switch to manual mode and change gears either using the paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever.

New switching functions and several driving programs

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 7 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

The eight-speed dual clutch transmission N DCT enables three new N-Performance functions for even more driving pleasure: N Grin Shift, N Power Shift and N Track Sense Shift. N Grin Shift (NGS) releases the maximum power from the engine and transmission for 20 seconds. It is activated using a button on the steering wheel. A countdown then begins on the central display showing the remaining seconds. The N-Power-Shift-Function (NPS) is activated automatically when the driver presses the accelerator pedal more than 90 percent. NPS mitigates the sudden reduction in torque that is otherwise common when upshifting in order to provide the wheels with maximum power. N Track Sense Shift (NTS) also acts automatically. It recognizes when the road conditions permit sporty driving, for example on a racetrack, and selects the right gear and the right time to shift at all times. This means that the driver always has optimal performance available.

N Grin Control System

As with the previous generation of the i30 N, the N Grin Control System offers the customer the choice between five different driving programs: Eco, Normal, Sport and N as well as a freely programmable setting. These driving programs adjust the mode of operation and characteristics of the engine, the suspension, the electronic stability control, the electronically controlled differential lock (N Corner Carving Differential), the sound of the exhaust system, the steering and the transmission. This allows the driver to optimize their Hyundai i30 N for a wide range of driving conditions. In N Custom mode, the driver can choose between the settings Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport + for each of these individual components in order to adapt driving preferences and road conditions.

Fine work on the chassis / steering for better handling

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 4 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

As in the previous model, the Hyundai i30 N five-door and Fastback use an electronically controlled chassis on which Hyundai has optimized the suspension and steering systems of the new i30 N. The focus of the coordination work on both transmission types was noticeably improved driving and handling properties. In addition, customers benefit from the electronically controlled differential lock N Corner Carving Differential. It reduces slip and understeer when cornering, thus ensuring optimal power distribution between the two drive wheels and increasing the vehicle's agility. The front brake discs, which have been enlarged from 345 mm to 360 mm, also increase braking performance.

New SmartSense safety and comfort functions

In addition to a revised design and additional performance, the new Hyundai i30 N offers a range of new active safety and driver assistance functions from Hyundai SmartSense. The autonomous emergency brake assistant (FCA) now also recognizes pedestrians. The Lane Follow Assist (LFA) keeps the i30 N in the middle of the lane and at the same time a pre-selected distance from the vehicle in front. The system brakes and accelerates automatically in stop-and-go traffic. The optional Active Blind Spot Assist (BCA) makes it more difficult to change lanes through targeted braking intervention if the driver overlooks a vehicle approaching from behind. This system also detects an impending collision in which the driver leaves a parking space and another vehicle approaches from behind. Also new on board is the eCall emergency call system, which automatically transmits the most important data to the emergency services as soon as the vehicle's airbags are triggered. Alternatively, the occupants can activate eCall at the push of a button.

Extensive connectivity and improved Bluelink® telematics services

The presentation of the so-called “Performance Driving Data” has been updated on the Hyundai i30 N Facelift. On the display, the driver can also read important information about power, torque, the loader pressure and the G-forces acting on the vehicle and measure his lap and acceleration times. For the first time, a 30-inch touchscreen navigation system including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available for the new Hyundai i10,25 N. The facelift of the high-performance model also receives an updated version of Bluelink® with new functions. These include, for example, connected routing for more precise traffic forecasts, last mile navigation, in which navigation continues after parking on the smartphone until arriving at the destination, and the creation and saving of user profiles.

The new Hyundai i30 N will be available in Germany in the first quarter of 2021.


Hyundai i30 N


2.0 T-GDI


6MT or N DCT


206 kW (280 PS)


392 Nm

top speed

250 km/h

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 6 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

Photos: HyundaiN Performance

Facelift Hyundai i30 N Tuning 11 Lifted Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM presented!

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Facelift Hyundai i30 N with 280 PS & 392 NM

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