Powerful performance jump: 423 PS & 500 NM in the Hyundai i30 N

Hyundai Turbo Center Chiptuning I30 Nm 8

He can certainly be described as a surprise of the year in the segment of sporty compact cars: The Hyundai i30 N! He has already beaten the Golf GTi and even before an Audi S3 the Koreans must not hide. Whether 275 PS strong performance variant or the 250 PS version, the two-liter turbo gasoline engine in combination with the 6-gearbox gearbox heats the established competition properly. And visually he's doing a good job. There is a subtle N logo on the grille, on request, a narrow red trim on the front lip, the sills or the side mirrors and the darkened headlights are his trademark. Continue with red brake calipers, a striking triangular brake light and the right / left sports exhaust system.

Turbocharger from the turbo center Berlin

400 HP Hyundai I30 Turbo Center Berlin Tuning 3

And just such an i30 N, from the Hyundai dealership ASL Lichtblau GmbH, now comes with a new turbocharger from TurboZentrum in Berlin (Stage 3 upgrade turbo kit). The turbo has been dismantled and revised and receives, for example, a new compressor wheel, a new compressor housing that is manufactured using the 5-axis CNC process, etc. But that's not all. The Korean has become a real tuning project and thanks to numerous other modifications with currently 423 PS & 500 NM the currently most powerful I30 N in this country. In addition to the new turbo, there was a prototype charge air cooler from Wagner Tuning, a new downpipe and a sports exhaust system from Saro Exhaust with a 200-cell catalytic converter. All of this is done with individual chip tuning by Felix Hein (Lowboost version in ECO and Normal mode / in N or Custom mode with full power) and ensures the extreme leap in performance. Incidentally, we have already dealt with 2016 with a team from Berlin (more information is available HERE).

a water / methanol injection is planned

Hyundai Turbo Center Chiptuning I30 Nm 13

It goes without saying that the I30N is well equipped to run over 275 km / h. But it is far from over. A water / methanol injection is already being planned and the Korean will soon receive an improved clutch. We are curious how this project will continue and of course we will keep you up to date as soon as there is new information.

Hyundai Turbo Center Chiptuning I30 Nm 1

There is also more optics for the I30 N

400 HP Hyundai I30 Turbo Center Berlin Tuning

If you want, you can also do something optically correct on the i30 N. For example, the guys from Zymexx have a body kit for the Koreans at the start and chic rims are also available. This red copy got lowering and a 19 inch wheel set. More precisely, it is glossy black painted 8,5 × 19-inch VENTi-R rims from etabeta with Pirelli P Zero tires in the format 225 / 35R19 and the lowering was achieved using H&R sport springs. If you want to know more, just have a look at our story to the Zymexx vehicle bodykit, That's exactly what this i30 N got. It shows the front spoiler, side skirts, a two-piece rear diffuser and the roof edge spoiler on the i30 N.

Hyundai Turbo Center Chiptuning I30 Nm 12

(Photos: Turbo Center Berlin / Zymexx vehicle technology)

The details of the Hyundai i30 N with 400 PS:

  • Vehicle from the Hyundai dealership ASL Lichtblau GmbH
  • Performance increase on 423 PS and 500NM
  • Prototype intercooler from Wagner Tuning
  • Sport exhaust system from Saro Exhaust with 200 cell catalyst
  • new downpipe
  • Chiptuning by Felix Hein (Lowboost version in ECO and Normal mode / in N or Custom mode with full power)
  • VMax over 275 km / h
  • planned are a new clutch, a water / methanol injection

There are more pictures below

the details of the i30 N in red:

  • Lowering (H&R sport springs)
  • 19 Inch Black Shiny Venti-R Rims by etabeta
  • Zymexx Bodykit (front spoiler sword, side skirts, two-part rear diffuser, roof edge spoiler)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (more information is not available)

400 HP Hyundai I30 Turbo Center Berlin Tuning

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a few impressions of the turbocharger from the turbo center Berlin

and of course the 423 PS steam hammer

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