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A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

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Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 14 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

Photo credit: Hyundai

Hyundai unveils the KONA N, the brand's new high-performance SUV. As an N model, the compact lifestyle SUV combines sporty driving dynamics with a balanced suitability for everyday use. By combining an SUV body with dynamic driving characteristics, the new KONA N stands out as the first SUV in the Hyundai N family. The new Hyundai KONA N adds the versatility of an SUV to the driving fun of a "hot hatch", i.e. a compact hatchback model with high engine power: Drivers benefit from a powerful engine, and in urban areas from the compact dimensions and practicality of the lifestyle SUV - there is also exemplary safety equipment. The starting price for the new KONA N is 37.750 euros. The high-performance SUV will be available from German Hyundai dealers from summer 2021.

No ordinary SUV

In addition to uncompromising performance, the new KONA N offers its customers pleasant driving comfort, intuitive operation and comprehensive safety. The youngest member of the N family has a 280 PS / 206 kW 2.0 T-GDI engine (the new Hyundai KONA N is not yet for sale. The homologation and fuel consumption calculation of the German national version will be carried out immediately before the market launch) with a turbocharger and direct fuel injection . The decidedly sporty design of the "Hot SUV" fits in with this. Various details inspired by motorsport contribute to the dynamic driving experience, while the new eight-speed N DCT dual clutch transmission supports the special high-performance character.

“The KONA N is a real 'Hot SUV' with the performance level of a 'Hot Hatch'. It proves that SUVs can also offer extensive driving fun. As an N model, the KONA N goes beyond the limits of an ordinary SUV, ”says Albert Biermann, President and Head of R&D Division of the Hyundai Motor Group. "The KONA N can take curves in a particularly sporty manner and thus brings an extra portion of joy into everyday automotive life."

Full racetrack suitability and a generous trunk

Based on the three pillars of the Hyundai N philosophy - agile cornering, everyday and race track suitability - the new Hyundai KONA N has been equipped with a range of high-performance driving functions: the electronic limited slip differential (e-LSD) and the various modes of electronic stability control (ESC ) have been optimized with regard to the curve properties. In addition, the “Traction Mode” maintains traction across different road conditions, while the N Grin Control System provides five driving modes, namely Eco, Normal, Sport, N and Custom. Last but not least, features such as “Launch Control” or “Creep Off”, the so-called creep mode, ensure full racetrack suitability.

The new KONA N is a vehicle that stands for a dominant presence on the road and driving pleasure. It combines the modern design of the KONA lifestyle SUV with the confident and dynamic design language of the N models. With a length of 4.215 mm, a width of 1.800 mm and a height of 1.565 mm, the KONA N is ten millimeters longer than the normal KONA, but exactly as long as the KONA in the sporty equipment line N Line. The wheelbase of 2.600 mm corresponds to that of the KONA. A luggage compartment volume of 361 to 1143 liters (VDA standard) makes it easier for KONA N drivers to stow luggage or equipment for various outdoor activities. The aim when developing the new 19-inch forged wheels was to achieve the greatest possible weight reduction with maximum rigidity. They give the new KONA N a robust appearance and an extremely sporty appearance.

Sporty design with details inspired by motorsport

The exterior design includes subtle elements with exclusive red accents that are typical of the Hyundai N models. The combination of wheel arch linings in body color and 19-inch wheels allows the KONA N to stand wide and confidently on the road. The bumpers are also painted in the body color, emphasizing the sporty appearance of the B-SUV. The exclusive radiator grille design with a net structure specially reserved for the N model, the N logo, the Hyundai emblem in Dark Satin Gray, which was integrated into the radiator grille instead of the bonnet, and the distinctive light signature of the KONA N complete the dynamic look of the front of the vehicle.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 10 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The side view shows the lowered body, which emphasizes the sporty silhouette of the KONA N. Here you can also find further design details of a Hyundai high-performance model: exclusive N forged wheels with a finish in Dark Satin Gray and red brake calipers, N logos on the hub covers and an exclusively designed side skirts with a red decorative line and an engraved N logo.

New exclusive exterior color Sonic Blue

At the rear, the large two-part roof spoiler dominates and at the same time provides more downforce. As with all N models, the third, triangular brake light is integrated into it. A red accent line below and the two large tailpipes of the sports exhaust system also emphasize the performance character of the high-performance model.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 9 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

Hyundai is creating a new exterior color exclusively for the new KONA N in order to do justice to the special character of the high-performance SUV: Sonic Blue. The paintwork is somewhere between white and light gray, with a dash of Performance Blue and thus based on this color, which is specially reserved for the Hyundai high-performance models. The Sonic Blue paintwork complements and contrasts the other design elements in red, dark gray and high-gloss black, giving the KONA N a sportier look. The KONA N is also available in Performance Blue. The other available colors are: Phantom Black Pearl, Atlas White, Cyber ​​Gray Metallic, Dark Knight Gray Pearl and Ignite Red.

N Sports steering wheel with freely configurable buttons

In the interior, the new KONA N also offers performance-oriented details and impresses with high-quality materials. The button arrangement on the N sports steering wheel makes it easier for the driver to operate it, even at higher speeds. Two individually configurable N keys allow the assignment of popular functions. Left and right shift paddles enable the KONA N driver to change gears quickly without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 7 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The handbrake lever with a handle made of non-slip, perforated leather allows safe operation. N logos in Performance Blue can be found in various places in the vehicle: on the gearshift lever, the handbrake, the door sill panels and the seats. The new Hyundai KONA N is available with an exclusive color package for the interior. It's all black and can be combined with fabric seat covers or a combination of fabric and leather for the sports seats. The N sport seats offer particularly good lateral support thanks to their side padding. Seat heating at the front is already on board ex works; it is optional for the rear seat row. The sports seats are electrically adjustable as standard and are also equipped with seat ventilation at the front.

Strong turbo engine with flat power characteristics

The new KONA N is powered by a turbo-charged T-GDI engine with a displacement of 2,0 liters and gasoline direct injection. Its peak output is 280 hp / 206 kW, the maximum torque of the four-cylinder is 392 Newton meters. Power and torque increase steeply and are available over a wide speed range. This characteristic, known as "flat power", provides more torque and power, especially at medium and high speeds. The higher torque mobilizes more engine potential in everyday driving situations. The new performance characteristics also improve acceleration from medium and higher speed ranges and deliver consistently high performance at all temperatures.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 2 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The new KONA N is available with N DCT, a wet-running eight-speed dual clutch transmission that enables better acceleration and faster upshifts. The N DCT uses oil to cool the clutch components, which means that the dual clutch transmission can transmit more torque than systems that work on the dry clutch principle. Hyundai first offered its N DCT technology in the VELOSTER N, which is only available in North America and Korea. Customers of the new i30 N and i30 Fastback N (the new Hyundai i30 N and i30 Fastback N is not yet for sale. The homologation and fuel consumption calculation of the German national version will be carried out immediately before the market launch) can optionally select N DCT, while the dual clutch transmission in the KONA N is part of the standard scope of delivery.

Dynamic programming of the switching logic

N DCT enables three exclusive high-performance functions that put a smile on the driver's face: N Power Shift, N Grin Shift and N Track Sense Shift. These presets expand the capabilities of the vehicle by using special switching logic.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 12 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

N Power Shift (NPS) comes into play automatically when the driver depresses the accelerator pedal to at least 90 percent while accelerating. In doing so, the system mitigates the reduction in torque when upshifting, so that maximum power arrives at the front wheels. The driver experiences a noticeable boost when shifting gears, which increases driving pleasure just as much as the accompanying sound from the exhaust. When the N Power Shift function is used together with Launch Control, the KONA N accelerates from 5,5 to 0 km / h in just 100 seconds. NPS is only activated in N or Custom mode.

N Grin Shift (NGS) maximizes the performance of the engine and the dual clutch transmission for 20 seconds. After activating the special button on the steering wheel, the electronics immediately shift down to the gear that enables maximum acceleration in the driving situation. A countdown in the instrument panel shows the remaining seconds for the use of the NGS, and when the generated boost has ended, the driver has to wait at least 40 seconds before he can use the function again. This feature allows the driver to call up the full potential of his vehicle with just one push of a button - a particularly useful function when it comes to setting the best lap time, for example. NGS can also help with overtaking maneuvers on the country road or when changing lanes on the motorway.

N Track Sense Shift (NTS) optimizes the gear changes for driving on the racetrack, so that the driver can concentrate more on the steering. The system recognizes when the conditions for dynamic driving on the racetrack or circuit are optimal and activates itself automatically. Based on stored motorsport data and the current driving style of the N driver, the KONA N always selects the right gear and also the right time for the gear change. This is how the vehicle performs optimally under sporty driving conditions.

Manual switching without automatic intervention

In contrast to models with normal automatic transmissions, the driver of a Hyundai model can use N DCT to deactivate the creep mode ("Creep Off"). If the function is activated with the gear selector lever in position "D", the vehicle does not start rolling automatically as soon as the driver takes his foot off the brake. Depending on your personal driving style, this racetrack feature can also be useful to increase comfort. The Creep Off mode can be activated and deactivated via the N Custom settings.

In addition, the new KONA N with N DCT offers its drivers the option of shifting gears manually using either the paddles on the steering wheel or the gear selector lever on the center console. In this case, the transmission is prevented from automatically upshifting when the rev limiter is reached. In this way, the driver can maintain the maximum speed when he needs it for a particularly sporty driving style.

New head-up display especially for sporty use

The Hyundai KONA N is the first Hyundai N model to be equipped with a Performance Head-Up Display (HUD). As soon as it is switched on in Sport or N mode, information such as engine speed, speed and recommended gear changes appear in the head-up display.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 6 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The N Grin Control System offers customers a high level of individual setting options, based on five special modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, N and Custom. These driving modes change the character of the new KONA N by adapting important parameters of the engine control, electronic stability control (ESC), exhaust sound and steering in order to optimize them for a wide variety of driving situations. In Custom Mode, customers can select settings from various other modes, e.g. the steering settings (Normal, Sport and Sport +), in order to adapt their driving dynamics preferences to the conditions of the route. According to individual needs, any pre-settings can be assigned to the special N buttons on the steering wheel of the KONA N.

Variable flap system and elaborate sound design

For an even more emotional driving experience, an electronic sound generator (ESG), housed in the body panel, supports the sporty exhaust sound and the intake noise of the engine. In the interior, another sound generator below the windshield ensures a sporty sound experience, and the variable silencer also contributes to a perfect exhaust sound and thus an equally perfect driving experience. The new KONA N is equipped as standard with a variable flap system in the exhaust system.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 5 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

Like other Hyundai N models, the new KONA N also has Launch Control, with which you can accelerate the vehicle from a standing start on dry roads like a professional racing driver. The electronics control the torque curve when the KONA N is started.

High-performance braking system and optimized body

In addition to its suitability for the race track, the new Hyundai KONA N also offers the comfort and driving characteristics of a typical SUV. With the specially developed Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires in size 235/40 R 19 on forged 19-inch light alloy wheels, the "Hot SUV" offers excellent road holding on a wide variety of road surfaces. The high-performance braking system, which guarantees stability even in changing driving situations, offers additional safety. The enlarged front and rear brake discs are optimally cooled by the enlarged air inlets on each side of the front bumper. The use of high-friction brake caliper material and a heat shield increase braking performance through more effective cooling and higher heat resistance at the same time.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 11 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

Passive safety has been increased thanks to the optimized body rigidity of the new KONA N. Additional spot welds and a reinforced frame protect the vehicle occupants in the event of a collision. The high rigidity offers another advantage: It reduces rolling movements of the body during demanding driving maneuvers.

ESC settings for the racetrack

The KONA N can also adapt the damper force to different driving conditions via the electronically controlled suspension ("Electronic Controlled Suspension", ECS). Whether on the road or on the racetrack, the hardness and responsiveness of the wheel suspension can be optimized at the touch of a button, which improves the agility and stability of the driving behavior.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 9 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The electronic stability control (ESC) in the KONA N can also be switched off for the maximum racetrack feeling. ESC typically stabilizes a vehicle while cornering by automatically braking individual wheels when the sensors register a loss of traction. This ensures better handling and optimized stability of the vehicle, especially in the event of a sudden deterioration in driving conditions or on difficult terrain. The ESC of the new KONA N has three modes to personalize the driving experience. The "ESC - ON" function provides full stability and is optimized for dry, wet or snow-covered roads.

The focus here is on safety during everyday journeys. The "ESC - SPORT" setting optimizes driving on the racetrack. It allows larger drift angles when cornering, for example, but remains active and intervenes in emergency situations. If the driver switches off the ESC completely, the vehicle is never stabilized by interventions by the engine control or the braking system. To do this, it allows “torque vectoring”, ie the automatic torque distribution between the two drive wheels, in order to generate more dynamic driving behavior. Switching off the electronic stability control is recommended for experienced racetrack pilots.

Higher cornering speeds for more driving pleasure

In addition, a "Traction Control System" (TCS) monitors the driving force behind the wheels, always according to the driving situation. This increases the traction of the drive wheels and limits slip, especially under off-road conditions. If the system detects that a front wheel is turning faster than the speed at which the vehicle is moving, TCS can reduce the power of the engine until the wheel and vehicle speed are in harmony again. Using the Drive Mode button, the KONA N driver can choose from four different "Traction Modes". "Snow Mode" gives the KONA N maximum stability on slippery or icy roads. “Deep Snow” enables the front wheels to spin harder so as not to get stuck on snowy roads. "Mud Mode" allows the front wheels to spin moderately so that you can start moving better on muddy ground, and Sand Mode does the same with more wheelspin for sandy slopes. All "Traction Modes" are available at speeds between 0 and 60 km / h.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 14 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The KONA N also achieves excellent cornering agility through the use of the “N Corner Carving Differential”, an electronically controlled differential lock with limited slip (“electronically-controlled Limited Slip Differential”, e-LSD). This technology allows the wheels to turn at different speeds in bends by applying different amounts of torque to them - depending on the load shift from the inside to the outside front wheel. This reduces slip in certain situations and minimizes the tendency to understeer when cornering. “N Corner Carving Differential” ultimately allows higher cornering speeds, which further increases driving fun with the new KONA N.

Elaborately developed precision steering

The Hyundai N models offer a new level of steering precision and responsiveness. This is evident in the KONA N when it is equipped with R-MDPS: Rack-mounted Motor Driven Power Steering. This frame-mounted power steering equipped with an electric motor offers the driver more support, increased rigidity and a shorter steering ratio. The electric servo system is integrated directly into the steering gear and gives the driver a direct and accurate steering feel as well as precise feedback - just as you would expect from a high-performance vehicle. The driver can choose from three different steering settings (Normal, Sport and Sport +) in order to be prepared for different driving tasks such as city traffic, country roads and racetracks.

Thanks to its increased rigidity, the N Power Sense front axle, combined with a multilink rear wheel suspension, also improves the comfort and handling properties of the KONA N. Just like the KONA, the new KONA N is also available with an extensive list of Hyundai SmartSense assistance systems and comfort features. Systems such as the occupant alarm and the exit warning also increase safety for all passengers.

At a glance: The SmartSense assistance systems of the Hyundai KONA N
<br>• Adaptive cruise control system (SCC)The system maintains a constant speed, brakes and accelerates automatically, keeping a constant distance from the vehicle in front.

<br>• Active Blind Spot Assist (BCA)

When changing lanes, an alarm signal sounds if the blind spot assistant detects a vehicle in the blind spot. Targeted use of the brakes on individual front wheels makes changing lanes more difficult.

<br>• Attention Assistant (DAW)

Analyzes numerous parameters such as driving time, steering wheel movements and braking behavior and warns the driver if there are signs of drowsiness.

<br>• Exit warning (SEW)

If vehicles are approaching from behind, the occupants are warned acoustically and the driver also optically to avoid accidents when getting out of the car.

<br>• Autonomous emergency brake assistant with vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection

In the event of an impending rear-end collision, the system first sounds the alarm. In an emergency, partial or full braking is initiated if the driver does not press the brake pedal. Pedestrians are recognized as well as cyclists.

<br>• High beam assistant (HBA) (camera-based)

Fades in and out automatically in the dark, depending on oncoming traffic.

<br>• Occupant Alert (RSA)

Activates the horn and hazard warning lights when you leave the vehicle, lock it and accidentally leave people or animals in the interior.

<br>• Go beyond Road Sign recognition (ISLW) (camera-based)

The system recognizes speed limits via the front camera and information from the navigation system and displays permissible speeds and no overtaking restrictions in the cockpit.
<br>• Start-up alarm (LVDA)If the vehicle in front drives off after a standstill, but the Hyundai driver behind it does not react quickly enough and also starts, there is a warning signal.

<br>• Rear cross traffic warning system with emergency braking function (RCCA)

â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹Acoustic warning of cross traffic when reversing out of parking spaces or driveways. If the warning is ignored, the system brakes automatically.
<br>• Lane following assistant (LFA)The system uses a camera to keep the vehicle in the lane with corrective steering input.
<br>• Lane keeping assist (LKA)The system warns against unintentional departure from the lane.

Another security system on board the new KONA N is eCall. The system allows vehicle occupants to call for help in an emergency at the push of a button in the car. If the airbags are deployed, eCall sends an automatic emergency call.

Two 10,25-inch screens

The technology and connectivity features in the new Hyundai KONA N ensure a particularly intense driving experience. The Performance Head-Up Display (HUD) projects vehicle information onto a transparent pane and shows the driver relevant navigation, safety and driving information without having to take their eyes off the road. The HUD can be switched on or off with a button on the dashboard.

Hyundai KONA N Tuning 2021 6 A quick new addition to the SUV portfolio: Hyundai KONA N!

The new KONA N is equipped as standard with a 10,25-inch digital cockpit in a sporty design. There is also a 10,25-inch infotainment touchscreen. A “Performance Driving Data System” monitors and improves the driver's ability on the racetrack. The system saves important data while driving and shows it on the infotainment screen, e.g. the requested engine power and torque as well as the use of the turbocharger. In addition, an acceleration measurement and a lap time control are included in the scope of delivery. If you drive in sport or in N mode, the N graphics are also shown in the head-up display.

The KONA N understands its driver

Apple CarPlay®, Android AutoTM and the Bluelink® telematics system also make everyday trips away from the racetrack pleasant. The new KONA N is also equipped with additional voice control functions. The air conditioning, as well as the heating functions of the rear window, the exterior mirrors and the steering wheel can be controlled with a simple voice command.
Like all other Hyundai models, the new Hyundai KONA N benefits from the comprehensive five-year guarantee with unlimited mileage. Like all other Hyundai models, the new Hyundai KONA N benefits from the comprehensive five-year guarantee with unlimited mileage.

At a glance: the technical data of the Hyundai KONA N
Dimensions (L / W / H / wheelbase in mm)4.215/1.800/1.565/2.600
Engine2.0-liter T-GDI with flat power characteristics
power transmission

Eight-speed dual clutch transmission (N DCT), front-wheel drive

Empty weight kg)1.510
Power (hp / kW) 280/206
max.torque (Nm)392
Maximum speed (km / h)240
Acceleration 0-100 km / h5,5 seconds with launch control

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