Tuning classics! Mercedes-Benz 380 SE from Inden Design!

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Mercedes Benz 380 SE by Inden Design 5

Nice 30 years it's been since tuner made In the design from a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 380 SE (W 126) an extremely nasty driving machine. And the classic is still there! Anyone who thought at the time that the S-Class could not be surpassed in terms of grandeur ex works has been taught better. Because Joachim Inden made the luxury liner, which also served as the state coach for Helmut Kohl, clear lower (-80 millimeters, complete chassis with specially shortened shock absorbers, progressively wound lowering springs with 18 mm wire thickness), wider and harder. There was also a paint job completely in black and the one that was already powerful ex works 5,6 liter V8 with 100 mm piston from the former 560 SE series was even increased by 0,4 liters extended. The results were violent 386 PS the means short axis with barrier and a Engine / gear with 2B circuit provided a lot of thrust.

Mercedes-Benz 380 SE from Inden Design!

Mercedes Benz 380 SE by Inden Design 3

The power became audible by means of Stainless steel exhaust pipes ab elbow with a diameter of 60 mm on the right and left at the rear. And the system was clearly not the only change to the S-Class. The W 126 received neat three-part models Inden Champion alloy wheels from the motorsport sector (10,5 x 18 inches / 12,5 x 18 inches) and there was also black paint US headlights and Rear lights as well as one Conversion to model 1986 with smooth planking. And the most noticeable change is an extensive one Body conversion. The standard front fenders from the 560 SE were already a bit larger ex works and were made by Inden Design slightly changed to accommodate the mighty 255/35 R18 high-performance tires from Pirelli (P Zero) close. And the operation at the back was even more complex.

with AP 6-piston sports brake system

Mercedes Benz 380 SE by Inden Design 2

At the rear the side panels and rear doors were changed and in the area of ​​the wheel arches by stately expanded seven centimeters. The outer half of the inner wheel wells is cut off and by means of a Homemade variant replaced. And already they fit 295 slippers (even 315/30 R18 were feasible) below. In combination with the low center of gravity, the S-Class had the driving characteristics and cornering speeds of one Sportcars. And that was also true with regard to the delay. Because of a completely new one Bremsanlage (AP 6-piston sports brake system with 352 x 32mm brake discs) from the original DTM C-Class from 1991 were those too Delay values outstanding.

Nappa leather interior and König sport seats

Mercedes Benz 380 SE by Inden Design 8

Especially considering that back then high weight At 1,6 tonnes, the S-Class from Inden Design was ahead of its time. And nowadays a well-equipped one A-Class heavier. The interior, on the other hand, was subtle. The black ones are striking here Nappa leather interior and King sports seats, the dark Bird's eye maple and the one completely covered with leather Luggage Storage. Inden Design would have it without the classic never given. It was only through them that the Inden Design company came into being. Luckily!

Tuning: Inden-Design / Photos: Miranda Media

Mercedes Benz 380 SE by Inden Design 4

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Tuning classics! Mercedes-Benz 380 SE from Inden Design!

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