Armored - the 2020 Incas Lincoln Navigator L is here!

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2020 Incas Lincoln Navigator L Armor Tuning 1

The American interpretation of the BMW X7 or the Mercedes GLS is clearly the giant Lincoln Navigator! For model year 2020 there are three styling packages with many personalization options and in general the factory standard equipment is now equipped with even more technology. What is not available is armor from the factory! But the specialists at Inkas Tuning can help if requested. The curtain rises for the INKAS Lincoln Navigator L to Armor. The Toronto-based company has specialized in armored vehicles, among other things, and has presented a protected navigator with a long wheelbase as its latest creation. In addition to the "normal armor"
with the Incas typical security standards (fully protected passenger compartment, multi-layer bulletproof glass, protection for battery and electronic control module, reinforced door hinges etc.) Ballistic protection of the roof and underbody is installed and even a high-quality fire extinguishing system is one of them.

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2020 Incas Lincoln Navigator L Armor Tuning 11

Due to the enormous additional weight, the chassis was reinforced, there were tires with runflat properties, an emergency light system and a siren / PA / intercom in case of an emergency. By the way, the vehicle fulfills the BR6 protection, which means that attacks with 7,62 x 51 mm or 0,308 Winchester FMJ ammunition can withstand. The Navigator is said to survive even 2 hand grenades detonated at the same time. If we have timely information about further changes on Lincoln Navigator L 2020 with INKAS armor received, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Incas Tuning)

2020 Incas Lincoln Navigator L Armor Tuning 2

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Lincoln Navigator L 2020 with INKAS armor

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