Jaguar is a British car brand of the manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. It was introduced to 1922 and offers luxury vehicles. Together with Land Rover, Jaguar 2008 was sold to the Indian automaker Tata Motors sold. Well-preserved Jaguar models from the 60er and 70er years are very popular among oldtimer fans. Since the acquisition of Tata Motors, Jaguar's image has changed. As a result of Jaguar completely newly developed vehicle model appeared on the market. They end the image of the cozy luxury car and give the brand again more sportiness. This makes the hearts of many tuning fans beat faster. With modern shapes and design Jaguar sets a sign for the auto-tuning scene. With aggressive sound and sleek edges makes Jaguar the top dog Nissan GTR competition and builds on past successes. 2018 was the first Jaguar electric car delivered. With the Jaguar I-Pace, the brand sets a sign for a sustainable future.