Video: Unique - Jaguar XK150 Foxbat Shooting Brake!

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Jaguar XK150 Foxbat Shooting Brake 5 Video: Unique Jaguar XK150 Foxbat Shooting Brake!

Who has ever dated Foxbat Jaguar belongs? At least we don't! That's a pretty weird XK150 than Shooting Brake. Specifically, it's a 1960s model of the XK150 series and it became should not built by Jaguar. The Brit with the long roof is a Single copy, in which the rear of the coupe was removed and through a box-shaped wooden frame one Morris Minor Traveler replaced. The renovation reminds us a little of the recently introduced one Niels van Roij Design Ferrari Breadvan. Just everything a bit more angular, simpler and less elegant. The video embedded below does not provide any information about how or why the conversion took place, but it shows that the result doesn't look too bad.

Jaguar XK150 Foxbat Shooting Brake!

However, there is almost no legroom for the passengers in the second row, which is why we ask ourselves why the seat was installed at all and not on one even larger loading area sat. Incidentally, the standard one is still under the hood 3,8-liter straight-six and coupled to it is a Four-speed manual transmission. The vehicle was reportedly named by a Jaguar enthusiast from 1975 to 1977 Geoffrey Stevens built an old scrap tire XK150 as a donor car took advantage of. The XK150 Foxbat is currently being sold in the UK at a price of £ 44.995, which is nearly € 52.500.


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