What a mess! A Jaguar F (erkel) -Type Coupe!

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A Jaguar F-Type is usually not an essential tuning object, and if you ever see a modified one, it usually is Deeper, more evil and more martial designedthan the production version. Funny foils are the big exception, because the clientele of the sports car does not want to look lovely and well-behaved, but rather call a roaring bolide their own, which can compete with the super athletes of this world. But there is also a completely different way of doing things, as this example from the often completely crazy Chinese tuning scene proves. This trolley, which we are now introducing to you in more detail, looks like it is the advertising vehicle for the Chinese meat industry or a local butcher's shop.

Piggy wrapping causes laughter.

Jaguar F Type Pink Foiling Tuning 39

You have already seen a lot of foiling, but a piglet as a car is something extraordinary even for die-hard tuning fans who have been able to marvel at a lot of ideas and creations. Above all, the rounded and somewhat bulbous shape of the Jaguar F-Type fits this motto so well that it's cool again to have the piggy-pink foil stuck onto your car. Our personal highlight of the car, however, are the individual parts of the pig, which were perfectly represented and transferred to the body of the car. Starting with the "trunk" on the bonnet, the mess continues on the sidelines, where the wide fenders would make a nice (rear) ham. The chop on the filigree door and the unfortunately misspelled "Ripple", which is actually called "Ripperl" in Bavarian and is known as Kasseler in High German, testify to the foiler's extensive knowledge of pork. Unfortunately, we don't really see through when choosing the starting number because we don't know why the 28 was chosen. Possibly this number has a special meaning in China when it comes to the consumption of pork, or it is just any number that was chosen by chance. In any case, the car is probably unique in the world, and of course it would steal the show from any other car in Germany as well.

The engine remained unchanged.

Jaguar F Type Pink Foiling Tuning 45

A 3-liter V6 petrol engine with supercharging and 340 hp acts as the drive source. The unit provides a maximum of 450 Newton meters, which makes it even weaker than the five-cylinder in the Audi RS3, which has 400 hp and also 450 Newton meters. This Jaguar, which is equipped with an automatic transmission with 8 gears, needs 0 seconds for the sprint from 100 to 4,7 km / h, and has to admit defeat to some compact athletes, which cost much less. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour, but that's not really that important for the Chinese market, because there are strict speed limits. You also want to be seen with your pink piggy mobile in order to possibly compensate for complexes, or to draw attention to yourself in a very bizarre way.

Funny idea which is easy to imitate.

Jaguar F Type Pink Foiling Tuning 47

If you can afford a Jaguar F-Type, which now easily costs 80.000 euros and more, and is not exactly a bargain even when used, you can definitely consider having the film stuck on your sweetheart. Because the text was written in German, you don't even have to have it translated from Chinese. Even if you can't afford an F-Type, you're in luck, because we have a large picture gallery of this car ready for you, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Jaguar F Type Pink Foiling Tuning 27

Photo / s: club.autohome.com.cn

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What a mess! A Jaguar F (erkel) -Type Coupe!

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