White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ-Alus!

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Jaguar XEL KW coilover kit OZ Alus 14 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

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A Jaguar limousine is not necessarily a vehicle that immediately comes to the mind of tuning. Above all as long version the smallest limo of the British luxury brand is more of a representation vehicle than a tuning object. But what is normal at Jaguar at the moment, because we cannot even imagine today that the cat brand will only want to offer purely electrically powered models from 2030 onwards. But before that happens, we of course still have a lot of time to present you sporty-elegant models from the British, which have been modified by their owner. Like this one Jaguar XELwhich is based in China and, thanks to subtle tuning, looks extremely sporty and yet dignified.

Sporty nobility on the exterior.

The first thing you notice is that the Jaguar XEL is a bit lower than the production model. This results from the installation of a KW-V3 coilover kit, and looks extremely good on the British sports sedan in our opinion. Furthermore, a sports brake system by Alcon with the designation RC6, the brake discs of which are the family pizza format of 380 mm diameter to have. This guarantees good delay values. On the other hand, they are very noticeable yellow calipersbehind the 19 inch OZ-Ultraleggera-Alus dwell. The alloy wheels are kept in a subtle silver gray and give the noble Brit a very sporty touch.

Jaguar XEL KW coilover kit OZ Alus 11 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

The model's tires were also placed on the rims Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in format 245/40 on the front axle and tires of the same model in format 275/35 on the rear axle. The rear was not modified by the owner, but a sportier front was made Wire mesh grill installed, which is also painted in glossy black. It doesn't take more to modify the XEL discreetly and elegantly. A Jaguar is definitely too good to turn it into a craft shop, and probably no Jaguar driver would do that to his sweetheart.

A four-cylinder turbo works under the hood.

Unfortunately, we don't know how many horsepower the engine is generating, we only know that it is one 2-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine acts that drives the car. In series production, this performs between 200 and 250 hp, and ensures that the noble Briton offers driving performance befitting his class. It should be said that, firstly, in China you have to expect draconian penalties if you are racing, and secondly, a jaguar is not actually designed to let the pig out on the street. Nevertheless, you can take a brisk overland trip if you want to get from A to B more quickly.

Jaguar XEL KW coilover kit OZ Alus 2 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

Our conclusion on the Jaguar XEL:

You can see very clearly that people in China understand how to refine European limousines discreetly and appropriately. Widebody kits and eye-catching wings may suit BMW or Audi models, but not a Jaguar. The result is a very professionally refined Jaguar XEL that shows that less can be more. If you are interested in the vehicle, you can click on our picture gallery, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Jaguar XEL KW coilover kit OZ Alus 4 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

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2021 Jaguar E type 11 310x165 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

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Jaguar F Type Reims Edition in French Racing Blue 1 310x165 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

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Jaguar F Type Heritage 60 Edition 11 310x165 White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ Alus!

White Jaguar XEL with KW coilover kit and OZ-Alus!

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