800 PS "Johann Abt Signature Edition" Audi RS6 Avant!

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800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant 2 800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant!

The long-established vehicle refiner ABT Sportsline is celebrating 125 anniversary. On this occasion, the company has the most exclusive vehicle in the company's history refined. Based on the current Audi RS6, 64 copies of the "Johann Abt Signature Edition" produced. The vehicles were each dedicated to one year of the life of the legendary horse smith from Kempten. The company was born ABT Sportsline 1896 from a small company and then became the world's largest tuner of vehicles from the Audi and VW group. For the conversion of every single vehicle a mechanic from racing ready and overseeing the process. This process is unique! The CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt raves about the fact that exactly one employee takes care of exactly one vehicle and that from the beginning to the end. In this way, six handcrafted cars are made by the noble forge every month.

Johann Abbot Signature Edition

Like a red thread runs through the entire vehicle original signature of the founder Johann Abt. This also stands for the utmost authenticity, since for historical reasons the spelling only contains an "n" and above it a line to double. Basing on the basic myth is backed by a unique holdover and is not just a philosophical question.

Hans-Jürgen Abt says that the first anvil in his great-grandfather's possession served him faithfully for many decades. His great-grandfather realized his visions and new developments on this anvil. It is an irreplaceable piece of company history that is ready for a new worthy place. However, it should not be exhibited in a museum, but in the most exclusive vehicle in the company's history. All 64 vehicles contain a time capsule with a fragment of the original anvil. A particular highlight is that backlit emblem strip, which is equipped with continuous individual numbering. So number "#xx of 64".

Successor to the sold out "ABT RS6 1/125"

800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant 28 800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant!

The "Johann Abt Signature Edition" is the successor to the already sold-out "ABT RS6 1/125“And refers not only to the company's history and countless interesting details, but also to the Technology of the vehicle was screwed properly. According to CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt, the performance measured on the high-speed oval in Papenburg is extraordinary. A measured value in particular provides information about the performance: the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is included 2,91 seconds and is thus over 0,69 seconds faster than with the production vehicle. To 9,79 seconds the asphalt athlete is already at a pace of 200 km/h arrived. Not even half a minute, to be exact 28,35 seconds, three times the legal highway speed is reached, so 300 km/h. When this high speed is reached, the "abbot" 20 seconds faster than the standard RS6. And that's not all, since the top speed of the noble forge is up 330 km/h was increased.

800PS & 980 NM provide propulsion

This is due to the engine, which resembles the force of a blacksmith's hammer. Proud 800 PS (589 kW) does this and outperforms the series engine 200 PS (148 kW). The maximum achievable torque is included 980 Nm. Even up to 1.000 Nm would be possible. In order to be able to achieve these enormous increases in performance, the company Turbocharger from our own development used and the company's own control unit "ABT Engine Control (AEC)" installed. In the course of this, new and larger ones became Intercooler installed in order to be able to cool the charge air more strongly. In order to ensure optimal engine cooling even at top speed, an additional oil cooler installed.

ABT Engine Control (AEC) can be controlled using an app

The company's own control unit is closely linked to the new one ABT app. This shows current values ​​such as the currently used one More efficient, torque and other engine-relevant values ​​and celebrates in the "Johann Abbot Signature Edition“Her debut. The three driving modes are also available via the app ECO, POWER and RACE selectable. The extent of the increase in performance can be controlled and varied and quickly using fuels lower octane number be adjusted.

A lot has also changed visually

The pure increase in performance was far from enough for the refiner. The ABT coilover kit and Sport stabilizers on the front and rear axles ensure a significantly reduced tendency to roll and pitch. But not only that, but also the well-considered aeropack contributes to the driving behavior of the sports car. This package was extensively tested in a highly developed wind tunnel in Stuttgart. In addition, a tear-off edge for 150 kilograms more downforce on the rear axle. In order to make the optimal outflow of coolers and brakes realizable, a sophisticated one was developed at the front air duct designed.

many little details make the difference

According to Hans-Jürgen Abt, it wasn't just the performance that had to be right, but also that optics of the anniversary model should have a particularly powerful effect, like the vision of the founder in 1896. The vehicle trumps here with a unique carbon structure "Signature Carbon Red“With a red metal thread that was pulled through the whole vehicle. Other components are new air intakes, a front lip, a modified one rear apron and specially developed for the "Johann Abt Signature Edition" 22 inch rims. These were forged and are at the broken spoke of the milled signature and the standing hub cap recognizable. Compared to the standard rims of the RS6, the forged rims each by 3,5 kilograms easier, says the CEO. The ABT silencer system is the acoustic tail light, consisting of four matt black stainless steel panels, each 102 millimeters in size.

800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant 31 800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant!

and a lot has happened in the dressing room too

Getting into the passenger compartment is also an experience. This is characterized by the "ABT Halo projection“With a signature watermark. Other special features are the hand-sewn seats, which Doors with leather cover, which refined center armrest and the new ones Side sill with the lettering "Since 1896". The included time capsule is made of black anodized aluminum. The new “Signature Carbon Red” can often be found in the interior. This gives a good contrast to the carbon fiber.

800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant 26 800 HP Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant!

Johann Abt Signature Edition Audi RS6 Avant:

  • to the 125 anniversary
  • only 64 copies of the unique Hommage Johann Abt Signature Edition based on the Audi RS 6 will be built (one for each year of the founder's life)
  • Original signature by Johann Abt runs like a red thread through the design (historical notation with just an "n" and a doubling line)
  • each vehicle has a time capsule with a fragment of the original anvil
  • backlit emblem strip with consecutive individual numbering (# xx of 64)
  • 0 to 100 in 2,91 seconds, 9,79 seconds to 200 km / h, 28,35 seconds to 300 km / h, top speed 330 km / h
  • Performance increase to 800 PS (589 kW) and 980 Nm (a maximum of 1.000 Nm are possible)
    - specially developed turbocharger
    - High-tech control unit ABT Engine Control (AEC)
    - enlarged intercooler
    - additional oil cooling
    - ABT app (shows live parameters such as extra power, additional torque, various engine-related data)
  • ABT coilover springs and sport stabilizers on the front and rear axles
  • Aero package with carbon structure in Signature Carbon Red from the high-tech wind tunnel
    - Additional tear-off edge provides 150 kg more downforce
    - Sophisticated air ducting with red metal thread at the front
    - Air inlets, front lip, rear apron
  • 22-inch forged wheels
  • ABT silencer system with four 102 mm matt black tailpipes
  • ABT Halo projection with signature watermark
  • Time capsule made of black anodized aluminum
  • hand-sewn sports seats, leather-covered doors, refined center armrests, door sills with the words "Since 1896"

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The "Johann Abt Signature Edition" of the new Audi RS6
Photo credit: ABT Sportsline GmbH

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