Sold: John Dodd's "The Beast" with a displacement of 27 liters!

John Dodd The Beast 27 liter engine tuning 4

This is The Beast! And NO, it's not the US President's official limousine. It is a home-built creation that was built on a rolling chassis in the late XNUMXs. The Beast is a car that we think would fit right into a dystopian sci-fi movie at any time. Built the unique John dodd, who came up with the idea of ​​cramming a 27-litre Merlin engine into the XXXXXXL bow. The vehicle was bought a few days ago via the auction site by Car & Classic sold in the UK and fetched around €82.600. The naturally aspirated, which has twenty-seven (!!!) times the displacement of a Ford Focus, is said to generate an insane 950 hp, according to Dodd. Currently, however, a maximum of 750 is assumed. Back then, in 1977, The Beast even got an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most powerful car with a top speed of almost 300 km/h (294,5).

John Dodd's "The Beast"

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Incidentally, the alleged fuel consumption of 141 liters per 100 kilometers is also record-breaking. And The Beast was even registered as a Rolls-Royce for a while and originally even wore a radiator grille from a Silver Shadow with the legendary "Spirit of Ecstasy" radiator mascot. After a lawsuit by Rolls-Royce for trademark infringement, at least the design of the front was changed at some point. Incidentally, Dodd died in 2022 at the age of 90, but The Beast go on living. The monster was last approved in 2018. "The Beast" shows itself with eight headlights and then follows a 5,80 meter long one Shooting brake body by Fiber Glass Repairs.

The engine was initially a Rolls Royce Meteor V12 engine with a displacement of 27 liters, which, however, was destroyed after a vehicle fire. As the second engine, Dodd installed a Rolls-Royce engine again, but this time also a 27-liter one Merlin V12 from a British Spitfire fighter plane. The engine is coupled to a specially made three-speed gearbox based on General Motors and only the rear wheels are driven. If you look at the countless details, such as the long overhangs, the air scoops, the air outlets in the front fenders, the side pipes, the stripes along the side or the four rear lights, then you ask yourself what kind of part is that? The fact is, even if it is still on the vehicle registration document, it is NOT a Rolls-Royce. The grille with the simple close-meshed lattice shows the John Dodd (JD) initials for a few years.

many parts were custom made

John Dodd The Beast 27 liter engine tuning 3

Incidentally, Dodd used components from an Austin Westminster for the front suspension and steering, and a special Currie axle has been installed at the rear for a few years. There was also a coilover kit and reinforced drive shafts some time ago. As far as we know, the load is braked by a Jaguar brake system. And inside? There are distinctive red switches for the Merlin V12 start-up sequence, the dashboard and steering wheel are custom-made, there are Bucket seats and everything is laid out with a bright carpet. The rear-view mirror was also replaced by a monitor.

According to the sales advertisement, the vehicle should now even have the blessing of the British TÜV. We hope “The Beast' has fallen into the hands of a collector who cherishes the history of John Dodd. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Sold: John Dodd's "The Beast" with a displacement of 27 liters!
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