Apocalypse 6×6 Juggernaut Razorback: 850HP Off-Road Monster!

With unparalleled extravagance in mind, comes the Apocalypse Juggernaut 6×6 Razorback from tuner Apocalypse 6×6, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The new Juggernaut is definitely one of the most extreme vehicles we've ever seen and is sure to make the hearts of off-road vehicle lovers beat faster. The bright red off-road pickup truck, built on a Ram TRX basis, resembles a mechanical mammoth on wheels. Equipped with an 850 hp Hellcat engine package, the beast will not stop at any obstacle. In addition to 6-wheel drive, the Juggernaut comes with a robust Kevlar-coated body, a luxurious, weatherproof interior and electric steps for easy access into the cabin.

the Juggernaut Razorback

The sturdy front end is dominated by a steel grumper, while heavily widened rear wheel arches and new door scoops complete the crazy exterior. However, what makes the vehicle particularly unique is its capacity of 11 (!!!) seats, six of which are in the fresh air on the loading area. As far as we know, the rear seats can be removed and a tarpaulin can certainly be stretched over the black roll cage.

The spectacular additional rear axle improves traction on difficult terrain and significantly lengthens the body. The Juggernaut is equipped with permanent six-wheel drive and presents itself on new rims with huge off-road tires. Other upgrades include modified front suspension, locking differentials or Dana 60 axles with Bilstein E2 Black Hawk shocks with electronic controls. The monster is controlled via the special driving modes "Sport, Drag Race, Baja, Rocks and Mud".

the front is completely new

Incidentally, on the back of the Razorback there is a huge steel bumper with a small ladder for entry and there are huge new wheel arches on the side. The front also has additional LED lights and one is even installed in the windshield surround (roof attachment). The rugged bonnet with power dome and the new front mask, which makes the main headlights look smaller, round off the spectacular exterior. Incidentally, another highlight is the optional 100-gallon auxiliary tank, which can be supplied on request. Inside, the cockpit of this Juggernaut conversion is leather-covered in brown and black, while the rest of the equipment is basically familiar from the RAM TRX. Incidentally, the towing capacity of the Juggernaut is also remarkable: it can tow a whopping 20.000 pounds, which corresponds to almost 9 tons.

A true beast that is not so easy to tame. With all the wild yet luxurious amenities, the Juggernaut 6×6 Razorback takes the off-road experience to a whole new level. It's the right choice for both the adventurous guy who wants to challenge the untamable terrain and the car enthusiast who craves crazy vehicle aesthetics. Those looking for something special and willing to shell out $269,999 for the monumental machine won't be disappointed with the Juggernaut. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Florida Tuner conjures up 850 hp Juggernaut 6×6 Razorback: A roaring off-road monster that is second to none!
Photo credit: Apocalypse Manufacturing
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