Tuesday April 20, 2021

Video: Now with a pop-up roof - the KNAUS CUV-UPGRADE!

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KNAUS CUV UPGRADE 2 pop-up roof Video: Now with the KNAUS CUV UPGRADE pop-up roof!

Knaus Tabbert GmbH has its new one in a video Pop-top upgrade für die Knaus CUV presents. According to Knaus, you get "really everything out of his KNAUS". All Knaus floor plans Roof height H2 are with the pop-up roof equippable. This gives you even more space, for example in the model BOXSTAR or im BOXLIFE. While Knaus continues on the proven floor plans places, is created one floor above the largest lawn in this class at all. A bedchamber that is ideal for relaxing and spending the night. So that the ultimate connection to nature is established, the covering can be covered with a Panorama function be opened. A practical one is built into it fly Control, but still one complete opening allows.


KNAUS CUV UPGRADE 11 pop-up roof Video: Now with the KNAUS CUV UPGRADE pop-up roof!

Who visites Zelten may, but at the same time always wanted to own a KNAUS, it comes with the KNAUS CUV UPGRADE pop-up roof at his expense. The Roof add-on fits for 14 Knaus models! By the way, the entire roof is made of compact LFI, to ensure, that Isolations and Weight: stay in the frame. There were even some aerodynamic Properties in design. The roof is made of one piece and the gallery at the very end of the post impressively shows the significant expansion of the living space. With amenities such as various USB sockets, wireless charging and even Cup holders the structure convinces immediately. And the built-in is also a nice detail RGB ambient lighting an der Roof edge with different selectable Colors.

cb no thumbnail Video: Now with the KNAUS CUV UPGRADE with a pop-up roof!

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Now with a pop-top roof - the KNAUS CUV-UPGRADE!

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