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Weinsberg CUVolution Knaus CUVision tuning Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

Since the founding of the company 1934 and the entry into the caravan production 1954, the Knaus Tabbert GmbH headquartered in Jandelsbrunn has developed into one of the largest European manufacturers of camping vehicles. In addition to the production of caravans of all sizes, a main focus is on the production of motorhomes. The basic vehicles used are vans from Fiat, Iveco, Mercedes and other brands, which are refined according to all the rules of the art. The design of the living rooms takes place according to customer requirements. Here everything can be installed, which is good and expensive.

Weinsberg CUVolution & Knaus CUVision

Camping vehicles from Knaus Tabbert are not only designed to be particularly functional and practical, they also offer a level of comfort that is second to none. No wonder, after all, decades of experience are used in every conversion. Especially with a CUV, a so-called caravanning utility vehicle, which is built on a pure transporter base, there are many options for tuning. A wide variety of car tuning kits give the body a sleeker design, and performance increases are common, especially with diesel engines.

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LM-EXTV based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

LM EXTV Mercedes Benz Sprinter Tuning 2018 1 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

This is camping - the Steeldrop of Camping Adventures

Steeldrop Camping Adventures Anh% C3% A4nger Tuning 3 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

The IoCamper - this mobile home fits in a van

IoCamper Mobile Home Transporter Tuning 1 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

Carlex semi-trailers & semi-trailers with luxury interiors

Carlex Design semitrailer semi-trailer interior tuning 13 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

Mobile home of the end times - the Hunter RMV Predator 6.6

RMV Predator 6.6 Mercedes Unimog 4 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

With steam on vacation - Hartmann Vansports Mercedes Sprinter

Hartmann Vansports Mercedes Sprinter 2017 Tuning 1 310x165 Knaus Tabbert GmbH Camping & Tuning works

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