Kimera Automobili EVO37: A crazy Lancia 037 Restomod!

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Kimera Automobili EVO37 Lancia 037 Restomod Tuning 21 Kimera Automobili EVO37: A crazy Lancia 037 Restomod!

Photo credit: Kimera Automobili

Recently we announced it, now is the counterpart to the Lancia Delta Futurista, in the form of the EVO37. And Kimera Cars officially promotes movement "Make Lancia Great Again". And what kind of car is the EVO37? That's an athlete with 507 hp per ton as a tribute to the Lancia 037 Stradale. But as a modern interpretation. The rebirth of the legendary 037 Stradale street car is conceived as a "Authentic Evolution" And a large number of the people who worked on the original 037 were also able to win over Kimera Automobile for the reinterpretation. One of them is one of them Claudio Lombardi. He developed the engine back then, but this time cooperated with Italtechnica on a new one Inline four-cylinder with a displacement of just over two liters (2.111 ccm), which is based on the previous 037 Group B engines oriented.

Kimera Automobili EVO37

That means the longitudinally mounted four-cylinder is also turbo charged. Of course, a much more modern charger system is also installed Inspiration from the Delta S4 and 505 PS & 550 NM Power. Since that Empty weight just under a ton the EVO37 is of course very adequately equipped. And so that the authenticity of the reborn icon is always guaranteed, Kimera Automobili has one real 037 and Delta S4 for the reconstruction 3D scans and CAD modeling performed.

Incidentally, the conversion is based on a Lancia Montecarlo donor car and is therefore a Restomod to understand. As an EVO37 there is now one central monocoque as the basis for an optimized self-supporting tubular framewhich is similar to that of the S4. The Öhlins suspension was by the company founder Luca Betti and the two-time rally world champion and Lancia works driver Miki biasion The classic is tuned and braked by means of a Brembo carbon ceramic brake system.

unmistakable look on the EVO37

Kimera Automobili EVO37 Lancia 037 Restomod Tuning 24 Kimera Automobili EVO37: A crazy Lancia 037 Restomod!

Such an EVO37 is created from a combination of Kevlar, titanium, carbon, aluminum and steelwhich of course is also the outstanding one power to weight ratio explained. The old 037 had one, by the way Fiberglass body. And a lot of effort has been put into the optics should not to dilute or even to blur. The reinterpretation shows itself namely with the unmistakable Headlights (now with LED technology) from the 037, there are the striking ones issued fenders and also one Ducktail must not be missing. He's a bit more aggressive now and also seems a bit bigger. They wanted to "refine" the basic vehicle compared to the original design. And everything has also been adapted to the demands of the present, but the lines of the 037 can still be seen unmistakably. Only now with the right gap dimensions and simplified shapes.

Interior is brand new, but with the look of yesteryear!

In the cabin they were Dashboard and structure of the center tunnel based on the old 037. Only then there was none Alcantara and carbon. Now! And all with a processing and a finish of a current one Hypercarsthan at the very highest level. By the way, the official premiere is at the upcoming one Goodwood Festival of Speed and the first deliveries should be made in September. However, you should have one for an EVO37 Base price of 485.000 euros plan on. And maximum only come 37 people can enjoy such an EVO37 Rear wheel drive and manual transmission to own and 10 more Enthusiasts are even allowed to sign up for one after the sale 4WD integral vehicle apply. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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