Kimera EVO38: Restomod masterpiece with 600 HP power upgrade!

Kimera Cars, a name that has long caused a stir in the world of restoration and modifications, is writing the next page of its story. Almost three years ago, the Italian company presented the EVO37 (Example vehicles further down in the article) a stunning reinvention of the legendary Lancia 037. And now Kimera goes one better and presents it EVO38, a variant that Restomod concept takes it to a new level in terms of performance and technology. The EVO37, based on the Carbon monocoque chassis of the original from the 80s, already offered a fantastic mix of tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

2024 Kimera EVO38

For a purchase price of around 480.000 EUR Buyers received a vehicle that... Four-cylinder turbo of the Lancia 037 not only replicated it, but also significantly exceeded it thanks to a displacement increased to 2,1 liters and completely newly developed components. The heart of the development was the work of Claudio lombardi, who was largely responsible for driving the rally Lancias four decades ago. Lombardi found support in Miki Biasion, a double world champion in the Lancia Delta, who brought his expertise to the project.

Externally, the EVO37 remained largely true to the historical model, apart from modern ones LED lights and a slightly longer body, which is now complete Carbon instead of made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). The EVO38 builds on the foundation, but brings with it some key innovations. The most striking of these is the introduction of all wheel drive. However, despite the additional hardware that the system brings with it, the weight should only insignificant above that of the EVO37, which is only about 1.100 kg weighs. The performance of the four-cylinder has been enhanced through numerous upgrades 600 PS and a torque of 580 Nm increased

now with 600 hp under the hood

That means there was an increase in strong ones 95 PS and 30 Nm compared to its predecessor. The power is still transmitted via a 6-speed manual transmission, where at one sequential transmission option for which EVO38 is being worked. Kimera Automobili plans to debut the EVO38 on the Geneva Motor Show to present and will be overall 38 pc build the extraordinary restomod. Although the prices are not yet known, they are expected to be 500.000 euro mark will be exceeded. The EVO38 not only reveals the technical development of the EVO37, but also the cultural continuity and know-how of Kimera Cars. With the contemporary design, the dreamlike ones lines and a technical package of sheer excellence, the EVO38 is a masterpiece of the restomod scene and continues the tradition of Italian automotive art.

Miki Biasion, himself enthusiastic about the prompt and lightning-fast Acceleration of the EVO38, emphasizes the exceptional balance and performance of the vehicle. Thanks to the further development of important components such as the turbocharger, the volumetric Compressor and the electro-actuated clutch The EVO38 offers a performance that is always present immediately and completely, creating a real Anti-lag experience is created. In our eyes, Kimera Automobili sets new standards in the world of car restoration and modification with the EVO38, while honoring the legacy of the Lancia 037, one of the most legendary vehicles of the Group B rally era.

Kimera EVO38: The ultimate spear 037 Restomod

  • Limited edition: Only 38 copies will be built.
  • basic vehicle: Inspired by the legendary Lancia 037 the 1980s.
  • Chassis: Using one Carbon monocoque chassis, derived from the Lancia Beta Montecarlo, but strengthened and modified.
  • Motor: One constructed around the original 037 block Four-cylinder turbo reported 2,1 liter displacement and state-of-the-art components.
  • Performance: increase on 600 PS and 580 Nm torque.
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual switch, Development of a sequential transmission in progress.
  • Body: Slightly lengthened compared to the original, material change carbon fiber.
  • Outside: Faithful to the lines of the 037, only changes are LED lights.
  • Innovative feature: Introducing one all-wheel drive with an almost constant weight of approx. 1.100 kg.
  • Technical features:
    • Bigger turbocharger in combination with one Roots compressor.
    • Electrically actuated clutch supported by an electric pop-off valve for anti-lag performance.
    • New camshafts, valves and springs for increased engine power and torque even at low revolutions.

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Kimera EVO38: A restomod masterpiece with a power upgrade!
Photo credit/source: Kimera Cars - the tuning magazine
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