When the Ferrari 348 TS becomes the F40: the Koenig F48!

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Ferrari 348 TS F40 Koenig F48 Widebody Conversion 2 When the Ferrari 348 TS becomes the F40: the Koenig F48!

What do you get when you cross a Ferrari 348 with an F40? Of the King F48! He's sort of one Crossbreeding like from Frankenstein's laboratory. The company around Willy Koenig grabbed the Ferrari 348 TS and donated a biturbo engine to it about 500 PS as well as some, for KOENIG SPECIALS almost discreet, Widebodybody parts in the F40 look. The result was the Koenig F48. A vehicle that, like almost all tuning classics from Koenig, still has its fans today. As we know, i wasn the 80s and 90s, hardly any super sports car from Lamborghini or Ferrari was safe from KOENIG-SPECIALS from Munich. And that was also true for him Ferrari 348TS. The TS didn't have to be 3,4 liter V8 engine give up, but the eight-cylinder had to put up with the fact that it two Garrett T3 turbochargers, a new ECU and a big one Intercooler got put aside. And they took care of 520 PS. So you were on the road with a good 40 hp more than in the real F40! For the conditions at the time, that was a real announcement.

the Koenig F48

However, the visual changes were even more extreme than the engine output. Especially that Rear of the F48 is crazy. It just became the F40 PoPo including glass Engine compartment cover and huge wing transformed. For this you have the flanks with double Ventilation shafts equipped and only the front remained relatively unchanged.

There are also those in front Apron with front spoiler and the fender new, but essentially the 348 is still easily recognizable as the base vehicle for the conversion. By the way, the vehicle from the pictures is multi-part OZ alloy rims with a star in body color, has a new one Bremsanlage (the world's first carbon-ceramic / hybrid brake system, Surface Transforms plc 3-D carbon-ceramic brakes) and an improved landing gear installed. And of course you could read that too if you wished Interior not get away with it. However, the changes to the 1994 vehicle with the chassis number 85708 are limited to a few chic floor mats with piping in the body color. Most of the rest seems to be standard.

Customer requests were always taken into account

Ferrari 348 TS F40 Koenig F48 Widebody Conversion 18 When the Ferrari 348 TS becomes the F40: the Koenig F48!

Upon request, KOENIG-SPECIALS also modeled the cabin completely on the left with, for example, new ones leather upholstery, Sports seats with sports belts, Additional instruments or another Steering wheel. As far as we know, only the KOENIG-SPECIALS F48 ten vehicles manufactured and only three were RHD. The rest had the steering wheel on the left. How many still exist today is not known. If we get more information about the rare tuning exotic, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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When the Ferrari 348 becomes the F40: the Koenig F48!
Photo credit: Classic Driver / Tuning: KOENIG SPECIALS

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