Lada's story begins with the establishment in Russia in 1966. The car brand has risen to become the largest car manufacturer in Russia and has received a lot of attention for unusual car tuning online. The tuning was mostly a not originally intended self-made made in Russia. The original motivation of Lada for the construction of motor vehicles was the vision to create a vehicle for everyone. To this day, these are the typical features of a Lada. Meager equipment, because you won't find any extras here. You won't find anything in a Lada that you don't really need. In return, the brand scores with unbeatable prices. The most famous models are the Lada Riva and the Lada 4 × 4 Niva. With the Lada Vesta, the manufacturer's designers and engineers take on the competition in the middle class. With the current design, the Vesta fits into the current vehicle market. It was introduced in Germany in 2017.