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Five facts about Lamborghini's ad personam options!

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Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 1 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

Photo credit: Lamborghini

Ad Personam is the exclusive program that Lamborghini offers its customers who want to customize their vehicle according to their personality. The unique customizing program leaves nothing to be desired with countless combinations of colors and materials, from the logo sewn onto the seat instead of printed on it, to the initials embroidered on the interior and the possibility of coloring according to a sample - all of this, of course, while respecting the highest quality standards.

The program is coordinated by a team of specialists who support customers in all phases of the customizing process and has a few surprises in store. Here are five facts you didn't know before:

1. Leading the automotive industry in creating unique colors: 348

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 5 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

Thanks to the Ad Personam program, the Sant'Agata dealership holds the record for the display of nuances and color palettes in the automotive market and offers a total of 348 unique Ad Personam colors, all of which are different from one another. The Americans are among Lamborghini's most demanding customers: 20% of them request individual colors, followed by customers in the Asia-Pacific region and the EMEA region.

2. The final limit in colors: lacquer with diamond dust

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 4 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

The latest innovation in paints for outdoor use is the introduction of a new transparent varnish with micro-crystals in the form of diamond dust. Thanks to a unique processing technique in which handicrafts and technology are mixed, the chassis has a shimmering effect and changes color depending on the incidence of light, making the Lamborghini a real gem.

3. The most extravagant indoor requests: embroidered works of art

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 3 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

It is only a small step from the individual design to reproducing real works of art in a Lamborghini. This is possible thanks to the masterful employees in the saddlery department who, together with the Ad Personam team, evaluate and check requests for decorations and embroidery from the logo embroidered by hand on the seat instead of branded logo to the initials embroidered on the interior. The craftsmanship of Lamborghini reaches the highest level, including embroidery of twigs and peach blossoms or self-portraits of customers or their beloved pets, designs in street art style with bulls and splashes of paint in a splash look (like the Aventador S by Skyler Gray) or to the skyline of your favorite city.

4. The preferred AD personam colors in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 6 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

The choice of color also depends on the nationality and the socio-cultural environment of the Lamborghini customers. In Asia Pacific, the most requested AD personam color is Rosso Efesto, in EMEA Verde Alceo and in America Blu Cepheus.

5. Based on a psychological color study, there were five color families

The latest addition to the Ad Personam program is the identification of the color families. This project was developed by the AD Personam team with a scientific approach, with the participation of the studies of the neuromarketing experts, the color psychologists and the Lamborghini style center.

In this collaboration, various personalities which embody the profiles of Lamborghini's customers and divide them into five different groups. Each group is identified by the cultural connotation, taste, personality and mindset of the individual Familys. 

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 2 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!


This family suits everyone with a daring personality, a young spirit who likes to be seen as a patron of a timeless tradition. The colors can be found on the latest Lamborghini vehicles, including Giallo BelenusArancio XantoVerde Selvans and Viola Pasifae.


The modern family reflects the modern panorama of informal and minimalist luxury. The eight selected colors, including Rosso EfestoBlu Aegir and Baloon white combine an elegant and sophisticated style with the charm of sports technology.


The ECLETTICA family stands for freshness, innovation and inspiration. The palette consists of cheeky colors of Blu Cepheus to Oro Elios to Viola Bastexpressing the different facets of a versatile mind.


The CLASSICA family is a traditional homage to the origins of Italian excellence, which revolutionized the world of super sports cars. This family includes the characteristic colors of the icons of the past such as Verde scandalAmaranthOrange and Blue Night.


The TECNICA family is intended for those who love performance and who are in search of the most advanced technologies also when researching new materials and colors, including Blu GrifoNero nemesis and Giallo Telemaco.

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Option 1 Five facts about Lamborghini's Ad Personam options!

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