The history of Lamborghini is still relatively young. The Lamborghini brand symbol is a Taurus, the zodiac sign of the Italian. The company was only founded after the Second World War, in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini in Cento, Italy. First tractors were produced because they were urgently needed in Italy, which was torn by the war. In 1963 he founded Automobili Lamborghini SpA and opened an automobile factory in Sant'Agata. Just a year later, he delivered the first sports car. The Countach appeared in 1971. It is the biggest topic of conversation at auto shows, the spectacular angular shape set new standards and makes the Countach a trendsetter. In the following year, Lamborghini got into a crisis. By Chrysler, as a new, strong partner, is starting to boom again from the year 1987. Autotuning is also a must for Lamborghini drivers. Mainly operate the tuning friends chiptuning or improve the exhaust systems.

Video: Bi-Turbo - Aventador, GT-R & Camaro Streetrace

Bi Turbo Aventador GT R Camaro Streetrace 1 e1466741851450 310x165 Video: Bi Turbo Aventador, GT R & Camaro Street Race

For all fans of Drageraces - street races - comparison tests - traffic light races and other direct comparisons between at least two vehicles, we have just found a video that shows you how a bi-turbo Chevrolet Camaro SS against a bi-turbo Nissan GT-R 35, also using bi Turbo charged Lamborghini ...

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