New Lamborghini Urus sets SUV record at Pikes Peak!

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Lamborghini Urus SUV record Pikes Peak 2022 17th

Shortly before its debut, scheduled for mid-August, the new Lamborghini Urus set a new record in the production SUV category on the route of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The famous mountain race recently took place for the hundredth time.

Urus SUV record at Pikes Peak

The Urus was entrusted to mountain racing champion and Pirelli test driver Simone Faggioli. He is the holder of the 2018 Race to the Clouds record for rear-wheel drive vehicles at Pikes Peak, Colorado. The attack on the existing record took place on the same track as the race itself, which was closed to traffic for the occasion. Faggioli started at 2862 meters above sea level and tackled the 156 corners that wind their way up the mountain over 20 kilometres. In the course of this he mastered 1439 meters in altitude with an average gradient of seven percent and crossed the finish line at an altitude of 4302 meters after 10:32,064 minutes.

As the new Urus has not yet been officially unveiled, it did not compete in the actual race, but its time was recorded by the official timekeepers of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. He smashed the Bentley Bentayga's previous record of 10:49,902 minutes from 2018.

Lamborghini Urus SUV record Pikes Peak 2022 13th

“Our decision to take on the challenge at Pikes Peak fits perfectly with Lamborghini's motto 'Expect the Unexpected'. It demonstrates the outstanding performance of the new Urus, which will be presented shortly”, explains Rouven Mohr, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the world's most famous hill climb and extremely challenging for the vehicle: the nature of the route and the numerous bumps put the chassis balance to the test, while the considerable difference in altitude puts a strain on the drive train. The weather conditions can also change very quickly between the start and finish.”

Lamborghini Urus SUV record Pikes Peak 2022 6th

The Urus, with a standard V8 biturbo engine, was modified in accordance with the safety regulations of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: the interior was fitted with a roll cage, the standard seats were replaced with a racing seat with a six-point safety belt, and a fire extinguishing system was installed.

Lamborghini Urus SUV record Pikes Peak 2022 7th

The tires (size 285/40 R22 at the front and 325/35 R22 at the rear) are an evolution of the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R: for the first time, the semi-slick was developed by Pirelli to meet the characteristics of an SUV, with this particular variant was developed in cooperation with Lamborghini. The result of this cooperation is an even more versatile tire that performs at its best on dry asphalt at high ambient temperatures and on wet surfaces at lower temperatures.

Lamborghini Urus SUV record Pikes Peak 2022 2th

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Lamborghini sets an SUV record on Pikes Peak with a new Urus
Photo credit: Lamborghini
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