Video: Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster as a supercar!

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Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster DRVN Concepts 27

This could be the craziest Gallardo ever. Curtain up for the Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster from the team of DRVN Concepts. The Monterossa is an "open" Gallardo that has lost almost all of its body panels for ultimate driving pleasure. And the limited super sports car shouldheaviest dose of Italian supercar goodness’ that you can currently buy for money. Overall, DRVN Concepts wants 15 Vehicles build and orders will be taken immediately. DRVN wants with that Monterossa achieve that you own a vehicle that will make you stand out from the crowd and they promise that this Gallardo will be the "most breakneck“ super sports car ever is. According to DRVN Concepts “The inspiration for the Monterossa lies in motorcycle design. "

Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster

  • Carbon fiber front splitter with side aero flaps, curved bonnet, side air deflectors with short fins, massive diffuser
  • elegant LED headlights on the side air intakes, LED taillights
  • black alloy wheels & Öhlins suspension
  • Interior with new sports seats and lots of Alcantara
  • technical data of the Monterossa are currently unknown
  • Power-to-weight ratio of just 2,1 kilograms per horsepower

According to founder Nick Renner, the vehicle should “combine the mechanical beauty and visceral experience of a superbike with the emotion and appeal of an exotic”. The result is a closed body at the front, an exposed V10 at the rear, a visible Öhlins suspension and a powerful Sports exhaust behind the seats. And of course, the loss of the body panels and the roof are also extremely effective in terms of that power to weight ratio. The vehicle should therefore enable a driving experience that is captivating and even somewhat scary is. However, one should not forget the helmet, because a Windshield is missing. As mentioned, the Monterossa Speedster is available in a limited run of 15 vehicles and appears to be the right car for adrenaline junkies who simply want more from a Lamborghini.


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Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster
Photo Credit: Screenshots YouTube (Robert Lewis leads over speed phenomenon)

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