Lancia is an Italian car manufacturer based in Turin. The company was founded 1906. 1908 was presented the first vehicle, the 12 HP type. 1913 then came the theta on the market. This was the first car in Europe that had an electrical system. It was also the first car with a starter and a lighted cockpit. 1923 was unveiled the Lancia Lambda with independent suspension. However, Lancia not only produced cars, but also trucks and buses. 1955 sold Lancia the majority of its company to the Italcementi Group. As a result, numerous new vehicles emerged as coupe, roadster, sports car or convertible. 1969 became Lancia of Fiat bought up. From 1971, the company began producing the legendary Lancia Stratos, which was modeled on the American Corvette Stingray. Autotuning is also a must with Lancia drivers. So there are online or at Lancia dealers on site extensive accessories for tuning the Lancia and Automobili Amos put the classic completely new.