Lazareth Auto Moto

Lazareth Auto-Moto! Who has heard of it before? Certainly few in this country. Lazareth Auto-Moto belongs to the designer Ludovic Lazareth and is a French car, motorcycle and tricycle manufacturer from Annecy-le-Vieux (small municipality in France). The company only builds vehicles to order for all conceivable areas of application. When it comes to the chassis, the body, the paintwork, etc., people like to use existing components. And the engines are not developed in-house either, but come from different manufacturers. But they are extensively modified and often equipped with a compressor upgrade. The company was founded in 1998 with the vision of creating individual vehicles such as a flying motorcycle as a quadrocopter (LMV 496), the Wazuma V8 Trike with 460 hp, a hot rod with V12 or the Cafe racer Lazareth with a Yamaha R1 frame. The motorcycle has adopted the design from the film Babylon AD with Vin Diesel. So it will be interesting to see what Lazareth Auto-Moto will present to us in the future.

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