Lynk & Co.

In this country, the manufacturer Lynk & Co. is almost completely unknown. But Lynk & Co (Chinese: 领 克) have been around for a few years and the vehicles are quite impressive. Lynk & Co. is an independent brand belonging to the Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely and was founded in October 2016. With regard to vehicles from Lynk & Co, the company is positioned between those of the Geely brand and the Swedish subsidiary Volvo. Lynk & Co. has placed the company's focus on the networking of different models and is also working on innovative sales strategies. The aim is to appeal to younger car buyers. Lynk & Co is to be largely sold through a direct sales model and not through traditional car dealerships. One would like to save the logistical effort because the order can be made directly over the Internet. The Lynk & Co vehicles are built in Taizhou.

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