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The Countach - the founder of Lamborghini's design DNA

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Countach Lamborghini story 2 The Countach - founder of the design DNA of Lamborghini

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The Lamborghini Countach is the cult model of the brand with the bull. This year the Countach will be 50 years old and its ultra-modern lines have helped shape the design of all its successors, including the current Aventador, Huracán, Sián and Urus models With these words Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini, described the style of this cult vehicle of the global automotive industry. “Its design”, adds Mitja Borkert, “consists of perfect proportions and is characterized by an extremely purist and minimalist style. Its typical distinguishing feature is a single longitudinal line that visually connects the front and rear areas.

Lamborghini Countach

A brilliant idea from a stylistic point of view, because this element creates a visual continuity between the past and the present, even if the surroundings change. It represents the sum of Lamborghini's design DNA, the tradition of design language from the beginning to the present day. "

The Countach, which looks deep and wide from the front, is characterized by diagonal lines on the front flap, which can be found on the bonnet and are immediately recognizable even from a distance. The deep, rectangular shape of the interior paired with the typical inclination of the windshield have helped shape the design of the numerous successor models of the Countach. It is precisely these shapes that have remained unchanged over the years. This also includes the characteristic shape of the side windows, which make a Lamborghini recognizable at first glance.

futuristic design was ahead of its time

A futuristic design that was ahead of its time and goes back to the 70s, a time of extreme creativity that set the trend for the design world. A time of great social achievement that resulted in profound changes that would, in turn, inspire designers and creatives around the world. The race into space, the dawn of the high-tech era with the construction of modern computers, the fashion trends in connection with geometric motifs, extravagant elements and the explosion of lively colors, the beginning of individualism and the jet age, all these things have the influenced the stylistic decisions of the Countach designer Marcello Gandini. This is also thanks to the visionary spirit of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who from the first moment believed in such a revolutionary project that still influences the design of modern Lamborghinis today and confirms their inherent determination as pioneers of the future.

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Lamborghini eSports The Real Race 2021 2 310x165 The Countach - founder of Lamborghini's design DNA

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electrification lamborghini 20 310x165 The Countach - the founder of Lamborghini's design DNA

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Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO2 Squadra Corse 7 310x165 The Countach - founder of Lamborghini's design DNA

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