Lamborghini Urus with widebody kit from tuner Liberty Walk!

Lamborghini Urus Widebody Kit Liberty Walk 9

How recently announced, the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk now also has a widebody kit (carbon) for the Lamborghini Urus at the start. This closes you to tuners like Keyvany, Mansory, prior, 1016 Industries, SLC, DMC and what their names are. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the next body kit for the Urus is actually needed. In any case, Liberty Walk showed a first completed vehicle a few days ago at the last SEMA Auto Show and of course we can't withhold the pictures and information from you. The result is a very aggressive version of the Urus that looks a bit like the Mansory example linked above. However, we don't think the conversion is really new or special. All around there are numerous add-on parts to see, which give the Urus a completely different look, starting with the front apron including the front spoiler to the diffuser in the rear apron.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Urus

Of course, the typical Liberty Walk fender flares are not missing, but this time they are attached without the distinctive exposed screw connections. This looks good, but it only makes the kit “to another body kit for the Urus". Only the bulky side skirts are something of a unique selling point. In our opinion, not necessarily in a positive sense. Other components are a three-part spoiler on the tailgate, there is a roof wing and a different hood is installed. The body kit is essentially rounded off with small details such as the modified gills. But it is obvious that there were even more changes to the photo vehicle. Because the panes are darkened all around, there was a complete foiling (we assume that it is not a paint job) and also a set of concave forged wheels in black and a heavy lowering can be seen.

Also suitable for S and Performante?

Incidentally, with regard to the lowering, we assume that Liberty Walk achieves this by means of electronic lowering of the air suspension. However, that is not certain. And as far as we know, there has been no increase in performance on this vehicle so far. But a few changes in the cabin, such as the installation of Bride bucket seats and a sports exhaust system from Armytrix. Whether the kit also with the new variants S and performant is compatible, or whether a revised version of the body kit will come later, we do not know at the moment. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Lamborghini Urus with widebody kit from tuner Liberty Walk!
Photo credit: Liberty Walk Performance
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