Unbelievable: 1.000 hp in the Lamspeed Racing Toyota Yaris GR

One thing to note right away: the video does not show the record run! Yes, a Toyota GR Yaris from LamSpeed ​​Racing achieved an insane 887 hp (661 kW) “at the wheel” on a hub test bench. The tuning company from Australia has thus built the world’s first GR Yaris engine with 1.000 hp (745 kW). And in addition to the horsepower, there is also a massive 776 NM torque. And now they are preparing to bring the immense power to the road. The GR Yaris comes with a 1,6-litre three-cylinder turbo, which in the basic version produces “only” 261 hp and as a facelift 280. However, LamSpeed ​​Racing has tuned the engine to 1.000 hp at the crankshaft.

Lamspeed Racing Toyota Yaris GR

The reason for the specification of 1.000 hp is an “estimate” of approximately 11,3 percent drive loss between the crankshaft and the wheel hubs. According to the last test report, the G16E-GTS engine the power at 8.730 rpm and the torque at 7.701 rpm. This means that it has not lost any power up to the rev limit. However, the power curve only really starts to rise from around 4.200 rpm. And what is particularly impressive is that the engine seems to be producing about 50 psi boost pressure from around 7.000 rpm. Now LamSpeed ​​Racing is faced with the challenge of bringing the power to the road. We are excited.

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