Limited to 20 pieces! The Lancia Delta Futurista is coming

Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 16

He will be the blast! The Italian tuner Automobili Amos brings the most successful rally car ever back on the road. The Lancia Delta is called as Lancia Delta Futurista completely rebuilt and is the new edition in the legendary edge look of the successful classic. And that seems more than successful at first glance! You have to look twice to see a difference to the old Lancia Delta Integrale, but changes abound. The presentation vehicle comes in a chic dark green and will have its world premiere at the “Grand Basel”. The extremely flared fenders, the round main and fog lights and of course the angular roof spoiler are unmistakably “Delta”.

Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 9

Even the unpopular tiny door handles have not been dispensed with. The most striking detail is probably the fact that the "new one" does not come with four doors, but only with two. Worsening? Definitely not! Basically, it is nothing more than a Restomod-Project which means - modern technology comes in an old body. But of course it's not that simple. The basis for the conversion is a serial 16V integral which is completely dismantled and reassembled with a good 1.000 new parts. The aluminum body is made by hand, but is widened and supplemented with a lot of carbon parts.

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Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 15

Almost all attachments such as the grille, the bonnet, the front and rear bumper, the fender flares or the tailgate and spoiler are made of carbon and ensure that a weight of 1.250 kg the Futurist does not get heavier than the original. Significantly stronger, however, is the engine. At that time, an 16V Integrale 200 PS and the strongest Delta Evo did not go beyond 215 PS. Now it's huge 334 PS! To achieve this jump, the original engine gets a tuning kit with new oil and water cooling, a new intake, a right / left sport exhaust system, a racing engine electronics from Magneti Marelli and an improved water cooler.

Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 10

So that the performance is consistently on the road, a high-quality Bilstein sports suspension with electronically controlled and variable damper system is installed and, of course, the load is braked consistently with the high-quality Brembo brake system. Incidentally, the original manual gearbox is used for shifting, which of course has also been completely overhauled and adapted to the performance. And the interior has also been completely planned. The delta has retained its angular look, but everything has been completely refreshed. There are Recaro sports seats and the back seat has been reupholstered and covered.

Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 11

The cladding for the inside of the door and the A, B and C columns are also new and a new multifunction steering wheel in retro look including function keys is installed. Improved buttons and switches in the interior, a leather dashboard and nice details such as electric windows, etc. complete the limited conversion impressive. Costs? At least 300.000 €. In view of the work and the maximum degree of exclusivity, in our opinion it is quite justified. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report, as always. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

(Photos: Automobili Amos)

Lancia Delta Futurista Automobili Amos tuning 2018 4

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limited to 20 pieces

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