Larte Design BMW X5 (G05) on Marius Designhaus rims!

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Larte Design BMW X5 G05 Marius Designhaus rims 7 E1642421974417

Does the currently hottest BMW X5 come from Romania? At least he's close! If it were a real X5 M, then for sure. Bogdan, the owner of this example, wanted his X5 to stand out from the crowd, so he had to find a way to make it happen. And here comes the team from Marius design house in the game. The company, as its name suggests, is owned and managed by Designer Marius Dumitrascu, who is already working on projects based on the Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini Aventador from Duke Dynamics was involved. Also own vehicle like the one linked at the end of the article Lamborghini Urus MD1 and the Mercedes G Class MD2 were created in the mind of Marius Dumitrascu and ultimately implemented. And most recently, he and his team had set themselves the task of completely rebuilding an X5! First, the vehicle got a fancy one bodykit. That was for that Larte Design tuning kit the solution! Larte has become a well-known tuner in the industry in recent years, with bold and aggressive designs that manage to enhance the vehicle's looks to the best of their ability.

Larte Design body kit on the BMW X5

Since Larte Design wanted the X5 to have the best that is currently available from the Russian supplier, the body kit was delivered completely in carbon fiber and with all accessories from Larte Design. Started from front spoiler, on the Grill, the imposing bonnet to the side skirts, Fender gills, Mirror covers, rear spoiler and the diffuser, who with trapezoidal Aluminum tailpipes is equipped, everything shines in chic carbon fiber. And also the Rims are unique!

Those specially designed for Bogdan's X5 by Marius Designhaus forged wheels manage to stage the car even more. Marius, the designer, sketched the first draft in a meeting with the X5 owner and he promptly sealed the deal for the wheelset. Marius Designhaus manufactures forged wheels that are tailor-made for each vehicle and each customer and correspond exactly to the buyer's ideas. Each wheelset is unique and will not be built again for others. For us, this is a new level of individualization in the field of rims!

Rims in 22×10 inches at the front and 22×12 inches at the rear

Larte Design BMW X5 G05 Marius Designhaus rims 4 E1642422030746

The one made for the X5 wheelset is installed in two sizes. 22×10 inches at the front and a mighty 22×12 inches at the back. Both have an offset of ET30. The wheels were finished in gloss black lacquered, suitable for the add-on parts on the vehicle that are not made of carbon. And to stand out even more, the X5 has been transformed into a beautiful Oracal 970-961-foiling stuck with "luscious lips" as well as a few centimeters lowered. And since an aggressive look also requires more power, the performance of RaceboxRomania, a leading provider of performance upgrades, from 400 hp increased to 500 hp. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Lamborghini Ursus with MD1 body kit from Marius Designhaus!

Lamborghini Ursus MD1 Bodykit Marius Designhaus 8 310x165 Lamborghini Ursus with MD1 Bodykit from Marius Designhaus!

Widebody Mercedes G-Class MD2 from Marius Designhaus!

Widebody Mercedes G Class MD2 Marius Designhaus W463A Tuning 5 310x165 Widebody Mercedes G Class MD2 by Marius Designhaus!

Larte Design BMW X5 (G05) on Marius Designhaus rims!
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