Photo Story: EDO Design Lexus NX200T with Bodykit & Intake System

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We have created a photo album for you that shows a Lexus NX200T SUV in chic metallic blue that you absolutely have to look at! Unfortunately, we are not aware of any information about the vehicle or its modifications because EDO Design only pointed out that the car had an Arma Carbon Air Intake System. You can clearly see the eye-catching Artisan Spirits body kit and the 20-inch aluminum rims in 5-twin-spoke design are also new and also house a brake system with yellow-painted brake calipers. Visually, the Artisan Bodykit differs slightly from the us known variant so that we cannot say with certainty that every part comes from Artisan Spirits or whether it is a newer or older version of the optional aerodynamic parts. Regardless, as is well known, pictures say more than a thousand words and we leave it at that. We may be able to find out something about the NX200t within the next few days.If this is the case, the article will of course receive an update from us. We hope you enjoy watching.
EDO Design Lexus NX200T Artisan Spirits Bodykit Arma Carbon Intake Tuning 2 Photo Story: EDO Design Lexus NX200T with Bodykit & Intake System
(Photos: EDO Design - Taiwan)

These are the changes to the series we saw on the pictures:

  • front splitter
  • new front bumper including LED daytime running lights
  • side skirts
  • Fender widening all around
  • two spoilers at the rear (tailgate and roof edge)
  • rear diffuser
  • Arma Carbon Air Intake System
  • Carbon engine cover & other details in the engine compartment
  • 20 inch alloy wheels
  • yellow calipers
  • tinted windows all around
  • darkened / tinted windows
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • Sport exhaust with 4 tube optics
  • Irises for the taillights
  • Lowering

We still have many thousands more photo stories of vehicles whose exact change details are not known to us, if you wanted to see an abstract then just click HERE.

and still 2 variants

  • the white vehicle with the Arma Carbon Air Intake System
  • the champagne-colored vehicle with complete body kit and new aluminum frames

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