+1.000 PS Lexus RC with 2JZ engine from Powervehicles!

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Lexus RC 2JZ Motor Powervehicles Driftcar Tuning 11 +1.000 PS Lexus RC with 2JZ Motor from Powervehicles!

In the world of drift cars, the performance spiral is currently turning faster and faster. No matter if it is a JDM tuning object , or BMW or Mercedes with rear-wheel drive, which makes it easy to drift, the performance of the vehicles, which have meanwhile risen to become horsepower monsters, are taking on ever more breathtaking traits. Of course you can also drift with a rear-wheel drive car without ESP and with only 100 HP, but of course this area is also about power and prestige. So thought too Andrew Graythat he is no longer satisfied with a conventional Toyota Chaser or Mark II, but needs a real bolide to drive in the Formula Drift Japan (FDJ) to heat up the competition, and to bring his fifth championship title in a row under one roof.

The king of the drift car scene!

You could also say that four championships are enough, but of course a real athlete always wants to achieve more success and is not satisfied with a second place. The first to fall are the huge modifications of the Body of the donor vehicle from Lexus. One front bumper by Kazama Auto called GT Concept, a Carbon air intake at the front of Powervehicles as well Carbon panels of power vehicles, which completely replace the rear side windows carbon roof and an APR carbon wing at the stern as well APR carbon exterior mirrors, ensure a real racing look.

In addition, this enables a weight saving, which benefits the driving dynamics. Of course there was also a DG5 coilover kit built in, which is also a Powervehicles bracing contains. The vehicle also has a sports brake system from GP Sports with integrated electronic parking brake on the rear axle. There is also a front one Limited slip differential from FIGS Engineering on board, which can be completely blocked. Of course, the right rims have to be mounted on such a bolide, and so the Powervehicles team decided on RAYS Gram Lights 57 CR in the format 18 × 9,5 inches on the front axle and 19 × 10,5 inches on the rear axle.

Lexus RC 2JZ Motor Powervehicles Driftcar Tuning 28 +1.000 PS Lexus RC with 2JZ Motor from Powervehicles!

On the rims, slippers were named on the front axle Valino Pergea 08R in the format 265/35 R18, while tires of the same brand in the format 285/35 R19 do their job on the rear axle. Equipped in this way, the Lexus RC is an absolute weapon in Formula Drift Japan, and we'll come to the enormous performance later.

The interior resembles that of a racing car!

Not just one Roll cage from Powervehicles, which complies with the regulations of Formula Drift Japan, but also a Racing steering wheel by Kazama Auto, telemetry from Powervehicles, a Link data logger and even a special one steering column by Woodward, are in the racing car. There are also a Carbon dashboard from Powervehicles, Bride Xero CS racing bucket seats with harness straps by Corbeau and ultra-light Doors. All in all, the measures will reduce the weight of the vehicle, including the driver, to around 1.400 kg pressed.

1.000 hp make for a spectacle!

A 2 JZ GTE engine with six cylinders in a classic in-line arrangement, which runs on petrol, does its job in the spectacular drift car. Thanks to various modifications on the drive train, the engine achieves incredible results 1000 + PS, and thus ensures breathtaking acceleration values. Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the exact mileage, but we are sure that the PS monster would cut a good figure even on the quarter mile.

Our conclusion on the Lexus RC:

In this country, better known as fun events on tuning shows, drift races in the land of the rising sun are a true top-class sport that inspires the masses and in which people and materials go to their limits. Professionalism is the most important credo in Formula Drift Japan, and you can tell immediately from the racing cars that take part. For more pictures of the car, you are welcome to click on the associated picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1.000 PS Lexus RC with 2JZ engine from Powervehicles!
Photo credit: dino_dalle_carbonare (Instagram)

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