Video: Lingenfelter C8 Corvette with 700 hp Magnuson supercharger!

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Lingenfelter Magnuson TVS2650 C8 Corvette DI 700 HP Package Chevrolet 3 E1664949416700

It is already ex works Chevrolet Corvette C8 blessed with decent performance. But you install one Compressor to the V8, then the C8 becomes a different vehicle. And the new supercharger Lingenfelter Performance Engineering makes that possible. The C8 Corvette supercharger upgrade was developed in collaboration with Magnuson Superchargers Develops and incorporates Eaton Advanced (TVS R) High Helix Four-Lobe technology and a C-Cal upgrade for the factory engine control module (ECM). There is also a special one from Lingenfelter Heat-exchanger (Cooling Technology ECT), there is Magnuson Dynamic Flow Tuning intake ports and a Lingenfelter 95mm throttle body. According to Lingenfelter, the development of the kit for the C8, which was achieved in cooperation with Magnuson Superchargers, took a good two years. The result is a fully integrated system that fits the V8 of the C8 in OE quality.

Magnuson TVS2650 C8 Corvette DI 700 HP Package

The compressor allows a peak performance of 700 PS & 915 NM torque with only 7 psi (approx. 0,5 bar) boost pressure. According to Lingenfelter, all factory functions are retained. And if you want even more power, you can use cold air intake, half waves, Sports exhaust system, elbow, Bremsanlage, Lowering and Co. have modified the Vette significantly more by Lingenfelter. The Lingenfelter compressor kit is available for the C8 as a coupe and also for a convertible and includes a 3 year / 36.000 mile warranty as a supplement to the factory warranty. According to the Lingenfelter website, the Lingenfelter Magnuson TVS2650 C8 Corvette DI 700 HP package costs a lot 24.950 US Dollars and is scheduled to hit the market early next year. And the compressor kit set a link from your homepage to installed by a Lingenfelter workshop or by an authorized Lingenfelter dealer.


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Lingenfelter Magnuson TVS2650 C8 Corvette DI 700 HP package
Photo credit: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

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