Video: LTO Widebody BMW E30 Cabriolet with S52 power!

LTO Widebody BMW E30 Cabriolet S52 Engine SEMA 2022 Tuning 5 1 E1669722487487

Now it's getting intense! Because there is another vehicle from LTO (Live To Offend). Again it's a BMW E30, but this time it's not Silt, no Cut and no Touring, but a convertible. The "old three" has always been a favorite of tuners since it was presented in the 80s. And it's still exactly the same four decades later. At this year's SEMA, the spectacular cabriolet with the from Khyzyl Saleem (Kyza) designed Live to Offend body kit. And of course we don't want to withhold the wide speedster from you. The 3-series with air suspension (Airride) is actually not a cabriolet in the true sense of the word. Because he no longer has a hood. And he no longer has a bonnet. And that's just as well. Because of that you can do it beautifully modified S52 from the M3 (E36). The engine was taken from an M3 (E46) and a Limited slip differential installed from a Z3 M.

LTO Widebody BMW E30 Convertible

Incidentally, the converted E30 convertible used to be a tame 325 1992i with automatic transmission before it was radically changed with genuine M upgrades. The base vehicle was in terrible condition when it was purchased and only cost the current owner $1.000. In the following 28 days after the Food and the necessary painting, the unique piece was completed for the SEMA. The extremely wide wheel arches are filled with Rotiform LHR rims, which were specially made for the E30 and are fitted with Toyo R888 tires. And in the interior, among other things, heated ones were installed Recaro sports seats with fabric upholstery reminiscent of the '36s E90 Hurricane pattern. The rest is best seen in the video.


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LTO Widebody BMW E30 Cabriolet with S52 power!
Photo credit: LTO (Live To Offend)
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