LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT: forged rims for the BMW M8!

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LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT Gold M8 Coupe

LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT is the name of the latest light alloy wheel from LUMMA Design GmbH & Co. KG. The light alloy wheel, designed exclusively for the current BMW M8, requires neither spacers nor centering rings. The fully forged rim offered in the size 10,5 × 21 inch ET26 fits perfectly for both the coupé and the convertible (including competition models). Slim spokes in Y-design and the colors gold, black gloss, silver and black gloss front-polished make the LUMMA CLR 21 Sport an eye-catcher sitting in the wheelhouses.


  • Weight-optimized forged rim exclusively for the new BMW M8
  • available in four attractive colors
  • with vehicle-specific parts certificate

But not only the optics are enhanced by the new design. Even during the development of the new light alloy wheel, designers and technicians worked hand in hand, thereby enabling significant performance improvements: The dynamic shape of the filigree Y-spokes results in optimized brake ventilation. It also causes the load to be evenly distributed and thus guarantees the highest payloads with uncompromising product quality.

LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT Gold M8 Coupe 4

From the analysis of the material and stress tests of the prototype to the chemical examination of the selected surface finish, all relevant test scenarios are used by the Winterlingen-based finishing specialist and its suppliers. Thanks to its production using the most modern manufacturing processes, the LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT, weighing just 12,8 kg per rim, is one of the absolute lightweights on the market and improves the performance of the M8 thanks to its reduced, unsprung mass.

  • Full forged rim
  • Format: 10½ J x 21 ET26
  • Weight per rim 12,8 kg
  • Delivery incl. Metal hub caps with milled LUMMA logo
  • Easy assembly without spacers or centering rings
  • 4 color variants available (GOLD; GLOSSY BLACK; SILVER;
  • Including vehicle-specific parts certificate for easy entry
  • Also as a complete wheel set with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires
  • delivery
  • Tire sizes: VA: 275 / 30R21, HA: 285 / 30R21
  • suitable for BMW M8 Coupé, Cabrio (incl.competition models)
  • Type F8CM
  • Complete set of wheels fully assembled including TPMS sensors and black
  • or silver-colored valves 9.849, - € incl. 19% VAT.

LUMMA recommends the Michelin high-performance tire Pilot Sport 4S in the dimensions 275 / 30R21 for the front axle and 285 / 30R21 for the rear axle for the rims offered with parts certificate for easy entry. The LUMMA CLR 21 SPORT is also available as a complete wheel set: fully assembled, including TPMS sensors and black or silver-colored valves at a price of € 9.849 including 19% VAT.

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